Updated rules

This has been a time of lots of Punkapocalyptic games and tournaments, apart from several beta testing in our own studio. So we have taken good note of this community brainstorming and feedback to give the rules a last coat of paint and leave this first edition completely functional. These… Continue reading

Rules update

There had been a while since our last rules revision, and although they are not really big deals, we have been getting some feedback from the community and we have decided to change some little things. General: Added the dates of the last update at the beginning of each PDF… Continue reading

Rules update

There had been a while since the last rules update, and it was just about time. There has not been any major change, but some detail polishing instead. This is the list of changes: Rulebook: Jumping and Falling down distances have been modified (for the better). You now must Assault through… Continue reading

Rules update

It had been a while since we had to make a rules update, and it was about time. There is no major change to them, but there have been some touches here and there. Here you go the full list of the corrections. Rulebook: Incendiary and Pack Special rules have… Continue reading

Rulebook, scenarios and bands update

We’re beginning a new month, so it’s time for rules revision. Rulebook: Now it is clearly stated that if any miniature gets any of its Attributes reduced to 0 it will be considered as downed. Pump-action rule has been modified. Scenarios: We have modified the victory points of the Attack!… Continue reading

Band rules and the Scenarios in the HD Rulebook

We have now included the Band rules and the Scenarios in the high-definition version of the rulebook, all perfectly packed together. Remember that if you don’t want to waste your ink, you can also download all these rules separatedly in a printer-friendly format. All of it, as usual, at the… Continue reading

Rulebook update

A little late due to the weekend, there comes the usual monthly rulebook update. This time it is actually only affecting the Mutards. The Bobblehead’s Tech attribute is moved down to 4. The Mutards (troop) must have at least ONE mutation. The Pit Beast gets two new options to choose… Continue reading

Rulebook update

It’s the first day of the month and, as usual, it is rulebook-revision time. This time it doesn’t mean a revolution as it did last month, and all changes made are simple clarifications of this or that rule, or just typo corrections. As usual, you can get it all at… Continue reading

New gang control sheets

Trying to get an even better gaming experience and, of course, after listening to the opinions of our players, we have redesigned the gang control sheets. Our efforts have been focused into making this new sheet a useful in-game reference, so you have to check the rulebook as few times… Continue reading

Rulebook and gangs update

We once more come to you bearing updates to the rulebook. We have added pictures to the high-resolution version of the rulebook, as well as detailed examples, to clarify some of the rules and make their comprehension easier. Besides, bows for Gangers have increased their cost to 10 points. The Beta… Continue reading