Story: Life goes on

– Stop, you are going to mess everything up! He hadn’t even finished the sentence when the hydraulics made a strange hissing sound, got stuck full extended and all the oily liquid that propelled the whole system started to ooze from its gaskets. A greasy pool formed on the ground,… Continue reading

Story: The caravan

Salva knelt down behind a boulder, secured his pumper on it and aimed carefully to the figures coming along the road. Around him the rest of the caravan also started to move, a bunch of junkers (they preferred to call themselves “collectors”, although the former name was much better than… Continue reading

Story: D-Day

The explosion caught him completely unaware. He was in Covenant Square, marketing his stuff while wandering around the stalls bordering the esplanade below Scrapbridge. This time he was carrying some grade A material, really cool stuff he could surely trade with some of the stand owners who wanted to lend… Continue reading

Story: Fishy

Fishy made a path for himself among the crowd gathered on the esplanade, taking good advantage of his natural slimy body to slither more or less quickly between the rest of the Mutards present there. His bulgy eyes kept looking over and over again to the stage improvised with pallets… Continue reading