«Hispania Wargames 2016» painting contest

If Apocalypse does not come first, we will be once again attending this year’s «Hispania Wargames 2016» weekend held at the «El Limón» pavilion in Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga, Spain) on 27th and 28th of February. As it is now customary, this event will also hold a painting contest with several… Continue reading

New Junkers miniatures now for sale

You already have for sale on our online store the 6 new releases for Punkapocalyptic funded thanks to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Right now you can get them individually, but not long from now you will be able to buy a faction Starter Pack with 5 miniatures which will include all of them except… Continue reading

See you at the Desafío Wargames 2015

Remember that next Saturday, 12th of December, we will be present at the Desafío Wargames in Zaragoza (Spain), where you will be able to lay your hands on the new Junker releases that we crowdfunded on Indiegogo last summer. Our miniatures will be selling at a special challenging price of 9,95 €, as usual in the… Continue reading

Black Blood Friday

The Wasteland is starting to smell of gas… Today comes the Black Blood Friday, with juicy discounts on our online store. Just this Friday 27th you will find all the Punkapocalyptic miniatures with lower retail prices. Take advantage of this crazy-ass wacko opportunity! Continue reading

Story: Life goes on

– Stop, you are going to mess everything up! He hadn’t even finished the sentence when the hydraulics made a strange hissing sound, got stuck full extended and all the oily liquid that propelled the whole system started to ooze from its gaskets. A greasy pool formed on the ground,… Continue reading

Eighteenth issue of the Scrapbridge Gazette

We have a new issue of The Scrapbridge Gazette on the Downloads section of our website. Follow the wise advises of Old Ratcutter, don’t miss the Service announcements and, above all, pay close attention to the news of Scrapbridge and the surrounding area. Only for a dirty bullet! Continue reading

The miniature creation process

Although we would like it to be otherwise, developing a miniature for you to have it in your hands is a really long and tedious matter. Here we will try to explain to you, step by step, the whole process. The creative team gathers a first time to exchange ideas… Continue reading

Beasts of the Wasteland: Landsharks

Heyya, As everyone knows, the Wasteland is full of dangerous critters, the type that can tear your balls off if you don’t know what you are doing. Usually folks go fucking around like true jackasses, without any second thought to what kind of beasts they might go across, and then… Continue reading

Size comparison

You have asked us several times already to make a size comparison of our miniatures with other manufacturers, so you can make an exact idea of the scale of our minis. Well, a little late but here you are the picture. In this shot you can see our miniatures side by… Continue reading

Rulebook and gangs update

We once more come to you bearing updates to the rulebook. We have added pictures to the high-resolution version of the rulebook, as well as detailed examples, to clarify some of the rules and make their comprehension easier. Besides, bows for Gangers have increased their cost to 10 points. The Beta… Continue reading