Shipments and questions during the coronavirus crisis

We know what you are thinking. Punkapocalyptic is cool, but you don’t want to live it in your daily life. But at least you would be smarter than most, as you know all Old Ratcutter tricks. Here at Bad Roll Games we are all safe and sound and we hope… Continue reading

Amok faction KS campaign

Now on live the Kickstarter of the new Amok faction. Our intention is to bring out enough miniatures to start playing with the new faction: the Amok, and of course to unlock as many extras as possible. You can download their rules to get to know this real threat that… Continue reading

Punkalloween discounts

Trick or treat? During this week the best tricks for Punkalloween in our online store *. Get bigger and bigger discounts. Introduce the coupon «trick10» to get a 10% discount on purchases over 30 €. Introduce the coupon «trick15» to get a 15% discount on purchases over 80 €. Introduce… Continue reading

Scenery: V Reich Research & Experimentation Facility

Here you are an article about the winning piece of the Scenery Contest at Freak Wars, written by its own creator, Manuel Canteras Campos. The entire piece is made with recycled materials taken from many sources at the purest Scratch Attack style (the best scratch scenery channel you can probably… Continue reading

Now for sale the biters and landsharks

After being sold out in the Freak Wars, we already have in our online shop the miniatures of the Biter and the Landshark. For only 3 € each. Remember that these miniatures are only sold by us, you can not find them in stores. The biter   The landshark  … Continue reading

September releases now for sale

We have new Punkapocalyptic releases. This time we bring you Lord Homoeroticus, the first personality for the Gangers. A new Ganger badass, armed with medium blade. Kim & Bashinger, a combination of intellect and strength that is the first personality of the Mutards. And to complete the new personalities, the… Continue reading

Freak Wars’19 Punkapocalyptic tournament

During the next Freak Wars to be held in Madrid – Spain on September 14 and 15, the biggest Punkapocalyptic tournament of the year will take place. Spectacular tables, fun and prizes for all. The tournament is on Saturday 14, from 11:30 to 18:00 (with the corresponding lunch break, of… Continue reading

The Scrapbridge Gazette #52

We have a new issue of The Scrapbridge Gazette on the Downloads section of our website. Follow the wise advises of Old Ratcutter, don’t miss the Service announcements and, above all, pay close attention to the news of Scrapbridge and the surrounding area. Only for a dirty bullet! Continue reading

Now on sale the Starter set miniatures individually

You can now get all the new Ganger and Mutard miniatures from the Starter set in individual blister packs (with the exception of Old Ratcutter, which is exclusive to the box). You can find them at our online store and the usual hobby stores. Go get ’em! Continue reading