Rules update

It had been a while since we had to make a rules update, and it was about time. There is no major change to them, but there have been some touches here and there. Here you go the full list of the corrections.


Incendiary and Pack Special rules have been slightly modified.
We have deleted the Hi-Res version of the rulebook from the Downloads section, awaiting its brand new Version 2.0 layout.
Minor typos correction.


The rule about repeating several times the same mutation in a band now includes the ones owned by the basic Pit beast, not only the ones from the Mutards (troop).

Black Blood Children (Beta version):

The For the Black Blood! Special rule has been changed in the Burnt description.
Embers can now carry shields.


Crazy Mel now wears Metallic armour.


Now the deployment rules state that you can only deploy a miniature on a scenery element above ground level if it has a clear, easy access means, such as a ladder.


You can download all this stuff, as usual, at the Downloads section.

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