Powermongers are people who know how to play Punkapocalyptic and they will also be happy to show you how. They are the ones in charge of spreading the word of Punka in their area, setting up tournaments, etc.

Becoming a Powermonger

To become a Powermonger you only have to get in contact with us. If there is no other Powermonger in your area (although in big cities there might be more than one) and you are of legal age you will be included in the Powermonger list.

Benefits of being a Powermonger

You are going to spread the word of glorious Punkapokalyptic, what else do you want? Ok, fine, you will also have a 15% personal discount off every product on our online store, extra help for your games and, if you keep your community alive and playing, some exclusive gifts.

Duties of a Powermonger

Every Powermonger must hold a Punka event at least once every two months. These events can be demo games, initiation games, tournaments or meetings to paint or build Punkapocalyptic scenery. They should give these events all possible publicity on all media available, and send us a report detailing what went on with pictures and a list of participants, so we can publish it on the Punkapocalyptic Facebook.

List of Powermongers

If you are interested in meeting with a Powermonger in your area, or just check if there is one, this is a list with all of them.







Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk)

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