Rulebook, scenarios and bands update

We’re beginning a new month, so it’s time for rules revision.


  • Now it is clearly stated that if any miniature gets any of its Attributes reduced to 0 it will be considered as downed.
  • Pump-action rule has been modified.


  • We have modified the victory points of the Attack! scenario. Own objectives do not grant victory points, and the central ones grant 1 each.

Gangers lists:

  • Biohazard protection cost has been reduced to 5 points.

Junkers lists:

  • The vaporeta now has increased range.
  • Added two new types of bombs (gas and smoke).
  • Crack’n’snap and electric suit are now a single option to buy.
  • Crack’n’snap now gets +2 to Combat
  • Dynamos have now access to Gadgets of the trade, included in the Equipment section.
  • The blunderbuss now has a reduced cost of 5 points.
  • Now the Scope is more expensive to buy, but it grants better bonus to Precision.
  • Biohazard protection cost has been reduced to 5 points.

As usual, you can get it all at the Downloads section.

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