Rules for personalities and mercs from the V Reich KS campaign

During the campaign you unlocked so far 2 V Reich personalities (Ilse and Red Helmet, thanks to a social goal) and a merc (Captain Hammerica). If you were wondering what they would be like, or if you want to start testing their beta rules right now before getting their miniatures,… Continue reading

Rules for Magnus, Freak Wars special miniature

During the Freak Wars weekend you were able to get the miniature of Magnus. Here you are his Beta version rules to play with it as a mercenary in Punkapocalyptic games. Bear in mind that, being able to choose between two weapons, their stats are not included in the profile. Magnus… Continue reading

The terror of Scrapbridge

As you already knew, the exclusive Black Blood Children Kickstarter campaign miniature was going to have its own special gameplay rules, so you can show it off and take advantage of it during your games. We have decided to do something simple, easy to remember and use, but at the… Continue reading

Updated rules

This has been a time of lots of Punkapocalyptic games and tournaments, apart from several beta testing in our own studio. So we have taken good note of this community brainstorming and feedback to give the rules a last coat of paint and leave this first edition completely functional. These… Continue reading

New What the FAQ section

In the dropdown Articles menu you now have a new section called What de FAQ. There you will find all the frequently asked questions about our game. This is, of course, an evergrowing section which will be constantly updated with new queries, rules clarifications and any question you might have.… Continue reading

Reich rising

You had been asking for trouble and here it is, to celebrate this end of the year. The rules for the V Reich faction, in all their Beta glory, ready to be played and tested on your tabletops. Among all the settlements with some history worthy of becoming a faction of… Continue reading

The treasure of «Cross-eyed» Willy

If there is one of such stories which shines above the rest, told countless times in the drinking holes of the Bridge by local folks after a bunch of cienfuegos shots, that is the one about the treasure of “Cross-eyed” Willy. A three-scenario self-contained campaign for Punkapocalyptic, ready to be… Continue reading

Playing Punka: Jumping and Climbing

Moving on the ground is easy, but a real punk of the Wasteland needs to show off jumping and climbing ninja-style (and eating the dust once in a while the rough way). Jumping It is possible to make horizontal jumps over gaps or other holes, if you have enough Movement… Continue reading

Playing Punka: Shooting

Although rushing up to an enemy and beating the crap out of their ugly face is always fun and also decrease your stress levels, it is usually better for your own health to wipe them out from a safe and confortable distance. So today we are trying to explain in… Continue reading

Playing Punka: Combat (2)

In our previous article we talked about Assaults and which miniatures were allowed to fight, but now it is time to chew some gum and kick asses, and we are all outta gum, so let’s go punch some faces. Combat For the next examples we will assume that Imperatrix Rabiosa (armed… Continue reading