What the FAQ?

In this section we will try to solve any doubt you have regarding the rules, or to shed some light over the dark corners left among the rulebook: with all these special scenarios, bands in constant evolution, new rules and so on, it is very common that some concept might conflict with another or create some kind of «legal blindspot» or misunderstanding. Well then, this is the place to come and try to answer the questions, ganger. WTF?


Q.- Where can I check the size of the bases for your miniatures?
A.- Maybe we forgot to mention it anywhere in the books. All of them use 25 mm round bases, except the Pit beast and the Black Blood motorbikes, which use 40 mm bases.

Q.- How do template weapons hit?
A.- They automatically hit everything under the template.

Q.- In the case of tied opposed rolls, who wins if they happen outside the player Turn? For example, the automatic weapons in the The Living Daylights scenario.
A.- Have it to be the Turn that triggered the roll. In this case the weapon turret’s Turn, so it would win the roll.

Q.- What’s the width of the «imaginary line» affected by a weapon with the Steam Special rule?
A.- The same as if you draw it with a pencil. The measuring tape, edgewise.


Q.- The Friendzoned skill also affects a shot made with Pellets?
A.- Nope, Pellets don’t recognize friend from foe so they don’t care about your social life.


Q.- Can a Dynamo with Gadgets of the trade fix a weapon jammed due to the KABOOM! Special rule of a custom bullet?
A.- Yes, that’s what they are thought for. With a successful Tech roll he can fix any weapon.

Q.- How many times can I try to repair a weapon with the Gadgets of the trade?
A.- The only limit there is the number of Actions you want to waste trying.

Q.- How many Dynamos can I have in a Junkers roster?
A.- As many as you want. They are not leaders, but part of the machinery.

Q.- If an incendiary bomb lands on a zone with a Downed miniature, is its equipment destroyed?
A.- Fuck yeah.


P.- Pit beasts come with the Hunk, Resilient and Tough skin (3) for free. Do these mutations count for the maximum of 3 to be repeated in a single band?
R.- They do. The mutations included in the Pit beast, as well as the additional one they can get, count for the maximum allowance. That, in fact, makes impossible to actually have more than 3 Pit beasts in a single band.

V Reich

Q.- In the «The lost world» scenario, can a medic try to heal a miniature eaten by a plant?
A.- No, they will be digested and dissolved for good.


Q.- Crazy Mel’s «The most inopportune time» special rule says that his shotgun will jam if he gets an even roll in the Precision roll, but what happens if after Aiming he gets an automatic hit without having to make a roll?
A.- In that case you should roll the die anyway, just to check if the shotgun keeps working or not.

Q.- What happens with Captain Hammerica’s Hate to Red Helmet rule when fighting for the V Reich using his Captain Kraken rule?
A.- If there is the case of a game between two V Reich bands, one with Red Helmet and the other one with Captain Hammerica, you should apply the same rule as when there are «twin» mercs on the table: one of them is a poser and they have to be exposed after a serious beating. They both can apply their respective Hate rules.

Scenario «Maximum overdrive»

Q.- A mutard with the Sure feet mutation would ignore the Fucked up terrain penalties when carrying a gas can?
A.- Yes. Sure feet allows them to ignore the penalties for Fucked up or Really fucked up terrain in any situation. Good for them.

Scenario «The lost world»

Q.- If a plant eats my last miniature in the last turn of the scenario, do I lose the game?
A.- Yes, unless it happens to the other player too and he also ends the turn without miniatures on the table, in which case there will be a tie.

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