Here is a list of upcoming Punkapocalyptic events around the world. If you are organising something in your area, let us know so we can add it.

  • 02-26-22: Punkapocalyptic winter tournament. The second Punkapocalyptic tournament will be held in St. Petersburg: “Borsch party 2022”! Format: One-day, individual tournament for 400 points, limit of 12 models. Address of the event: St. Petersburg, DK im. Gaza Hobby Station – Shop-Club Organiser: Dmitriy Kulikov
  • 03-12-22: Tournament at Libertalia Juegos (Móstoles) – 22 places [Few places left].
  • 04-03-22: Tournament at Ravnica Games (Gijón) – 10 gamers
  • Sometime in June: Punkachopo – National Tournament in Gijón
  • 09-11-22: Tournament at the Freak Wars – 50 participants

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