Rules for Caronte

You have unlocked Caronte as a personality for the Junkers, so here you are its rules in Beta version so you can test them and give us your feedback. Caronte Caronte is a legend among the Junkers, but few agree if that’s for good or for bad: his genius is… Continue reading

Kickstarter campaigns 101

Hi there, Wasteland folk! We know there are quite a few people out there who have never been involved in a crowdfunding campaign, so we will try to explain to them how does this whole thing work. This is a fixed income campaign, which means that we have to reach… Continue reading

Rules for using Old Ratcutter as a Merc

During the KS campaign to release the Starter Set the rules to use Old Ratcutter as a Merc were unlocked as a social goal. So here you are the beta version of such rules so you can test it and give us your feedback. Old Ratcutter Formerly one of the… Continue reading

Background to Ignatius’ bands (2)

Author: Ignatius. Takahiro’s Orientals The door to the small tavern opened with a squeak while a hooded figure crossed the gap with steady steps. The eyes of the only two dwellers of the place turned lazily towards the newcomer, while he took of his biohazard protections, hood and cloak, hanging… Continue reading

Last 48 hours for the V Reich Pledge Manager

Calling all passengers: we are entering the last 48 hours before closing this campaign’s Pledge Manager, which has been open since January 29th. We have had almost no new registrations this last week, but there are still almost 80 people left to complete their orders. You have to enter the PM, register… Continue reading

Background to Ignatius’ bands

Author: Ignatius. One of the aspects I like the most about Punkapocalyptic is the depth of its background, which keeps growing and becoming richer as the game expands. Its post-apocalyptic setting and the unique “lethal and pimp” style make it possible for fans to create countless custom factions or gangs.… Continue reading

February releases now for sale

Now for sale the February Punkapocalyptic releases to reinforce the Black Blood Children faction. A Burnt with Gas can ready to forfeit his puny life and Momma Nutritora, band personality who just wants to give, give and give petrol to her partners. Besides buying them individually, you can buy them both… Continue reading

The V Reich Pledge Manager is open

All backers should have received today’s update telling them the V Reich KS campaign Pledge Manager is now open and will be so up until the last day of February. But also in this campaign we want to give a last chance to all those of you who missed it… Continue reading

December releases now on sale

You can find the new Black Blood Children and Merc miniatures for sale. As a new merc comes no more and no less than Lizzy DeVille, our cover girl, armed with a Pistol and a Medium blade. The Black Blood Children get the help of an Ember with Chainsaw. You can find them at… Continue reading

Creation of the Freak Wars tournament’s best painted band

Author: Ignatius. When Israel, from Bad Roll Games, proposed me to write an article about the creation process of my own band it struck me as a great idea, the perfect way to contribute to this game’s community as fair retribution for all the inspiration I get myself from other… Continue reading