Here at Bad Roll Games we know the importance of gaming clubs and associations for this hobby. That’s why we now hove some special discounts for clubs.

If they want to make a joint order from our online store for a total amount of 100 € or more and they contact us before that, they will not only get free shipping fees, but also a 15% discount off the final price. But that is not all. If they have held a Punkapocalyptic tournament since their last order, they will have an extra 10% discount off the final price. Yes, you read it right, after holding a tournament a gaming club would get a 25% off the grand total of their order.

And if you regularly play Punkapocalyptic at your local hobby den, you can contact us and be included in the Cool Clubs list so anyone around your area interested in playing our game will be able to contact you and arrange a hell of a game.

Cool Clubs

Burjassot (Valencia-Spain)

Gijón (Asturias-Spain)

  • Club Noega
    C/ Fray Ceferino Gonzalez, 26 – Gijón (Asturias)

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