Updated rules

This has been a time of lots of Punkapocalyptic games and tournaments, apart from several beta testing in our own studio. So we have taken good note of this community brainstorming and feedback to give the rules a last coat of paint and leave this first edition completely functional. These are not huge changes, but several small touches.


Small blade now costs 4 points.
Claws and teeth Penetration value drops to 1.
Armor provided by Hardened leather rises to 3.
Added the Special Rules Fireproof, Gas, Rider and Smoke.
Miniatures with Special rules Beast or Mong can’t Delay their Action turns.
Close combat weapons with Special rules Dead slow or Really dead slow are spent only when they hit.
Minor typo correction and rule clarifications.


Pit beasts now have the Mong Special rule.


Probes now have the Swift Special rule.
Dynamos have now Tech 7.
Scopes can now be added to a pistol.
Gas and Smoke Special rules for bombs are now explained in the Special rules chapter of the Rulebook.
Electric suit now has the Fireproof Special rule.

Black Blood Children:

Ashes can now be equipped with Thick clothes.
Embers now cost 50 points.
Flamethrowers now cost 20 points.
Some of the Bike rules are now included in the new Rider Special rule.

V Reich:

Soldats cost now 40 points and have Hardened leather as basic armor.
Subhumans cost now 20 points and their Strength and Toughness rise to 3.
If a Medic fails when healing a Downed miniature, no other Medic can try to patch it up again.


A new way of setting up random objectives is now offered as an alternative.
The Perfect Storm scenario now has a chance for the storm to calm down.
The Splash! scenario now states that broken down pumps won’t grant any victory point.
Added rules for optional scenery elements.

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