Rules for using Old Ratcutter as a Merc

During the KS campaign to release the Starter Set the rules to use Old Ratcutter as a Merc were unlocked as a social goal. So here you are the beta version of such rules so you can test it and give us your feedback.

Old Ratcutter

Formerly one of the best «Tunnel wackos» of Scrapbridge, everything changed for him when he delved too deep into tunnel 666 and went missing for three days before returning… changed. Since then he has lived out in the streets, drinking, asking for money… and luckily writing some of his lame «life hacks» on the Scrapbridge Gazette in exchange of a bunch of bullets. But even so it is known that some bands hire his services for food or shelter, not because he is of any help, but to pester their enemies.

A C P Ag S D T
Ratcutter 2 3 (1) 1 5 2 2 5

Weapons: none.

Armor: Rat skin cloak (Hardened leather).

Special rules:

  • Mong and One and only
  • Got a spare coin?: Ratcutter is a real pain in the ass when he is asking for some loose change. He touches you, he sobs, he threatens, he begs… Getting rid of him is almost impossible without resorting to violence. If during any of his actions Ratcutter gets in base to base contact with any enemy miniature, he will stop there not fighting but just being a nuisance. The only action he will be able to do is Pocketpicker. The rival miniature in contact with Ratcutter will be forced to Combat him to take him down and get rid of his presence. If Ratcutter wins the Combat he will just keep on ranting.
  • Pocketpicker: Ratcutter smells bullets from a mile away and sometimes asking is just a distraction for stealing. While in base to base contact with an enemy miniature, he can take a Tech test to steal one bullet (if the target had any).
  • Galling: No one knows how it’s possible for Ratcutter to be still alive. This human wretch has gone through everything imaginable, but just when you though he had finally gone 3 feet under for good you see him walking around the corner again. If Ratcutter is Downed, he will spend his next 2 Actions to recover and be ready again to harass the enemy.

Points: 15

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