Kickstarter campaigns 101

Hi there, Wasteland folk! We know there are quite a few people out there who have never been involved in a crowdfunding campaign, so we will try to explain to them how does this whole thing work.

This is a fixed income campaign, which means that we have to reach a fixed amount (our goal are € 20000) for it to become a reality. As we are writing these lines the campaign is already funded, so if you make a pledge now at the end of the campaign length your money will be collected for what you paid. But Kickstarter won’t charge your pocket until the campaign ends, and you can modify or even cancel your pledge up to that moment. So truly, you are not really risking anything.

To put your money in you have to choose one of the rewards which appear on the right.

  • If you would rather choos the Rummagin’ through trash pledge to buy a couple of minis you like, you will have to pay the price for both of them (most of the single miniatures cost € 9).
  • You can also add single miniatures from the Rummagin’ through trash pledge or Factions from Scrapbridge neighbor to other pledge level, just adding their respective costs. Don’t worry, then the campaign ends we will get in touch with you to ask what do you exactly want and check that everything is correct.

You will have to input a valid credit card data (Kickstarter does not accept PayPal) so they can charge it. Remember they don’t charge the money right away, only when the campaign ends.

Besides, this crowdfunding campaign has some Stretch Goals. If the total amount raised by the campaign reaches those goals, some extra things will be unlocked. Some of them you will have to pay for if you want to add them to your rewards (the so-called add-ons), but most of these extras are free for the Starter Set and Wasteland hoarder pledge levels . That means that you won’t have to pay more to get them. For example, when the campaign got to € 22000 all the pledges with extras added Lord Homoeroticus mini and carboard markers for free.

As we said before, you can modify the quantity of your pledge at any time (you may want to add an extra cool mini you hadn’t seen before, change your pledge level for a higher or lower one, or even cancel your pledge). For that you must go to the Manage option in the campaign page and then choose Update your pledge. There you will be able to change the quantity you pledge for the new one.

Well, we hope we have been helpful. If you still have any doubt, please contact us.

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  1. Just pledged at the ‘Wasteland Hoarder’ level so I’m hoping you break through plenty of those stretch goals 😉

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