Story: Irina

One addler, two addlers, three addlers… Irina got fed up with counting when she reached the tenth creature. No way was she going to waste so many. They were not that fast, but she wouldn’t be able to reload her crossbow quickly enough to finish them, and she only had three shells for the shotgun she had attached underneath it. Time to think again.

She went down the hill slowly, taking care not to make much noise so she wouldn’t attract the addlers. She saw a dust cloud in the distance; those ganger bastards hadn’t took much time to realize she had outsmarted them. And they had bikes, while she had to tread on foot, which was much unfair. A faint meow came out of the small bag she had hanging on one shoulder; Irina opened it and a small grey and white cat peeked out its wet snout.

– I know, Shelly, things are bad – Irina teased the feline -. But we got out of worse shit.


The girl looked like a student out of a catholic school of the 20th century, with a short green checkered skirt, knee length socks and a white shirt a couple of sizes smaller than it should be, which strangled her not-so-small breasts. She had her hair neatly gathered up in two twin tails on both sides of her head, and in her hands grabbed firmly a crossbow-shotgun. She unfastened a couple more buttons off her blouse and put her best innocent smile when the first two gangers showed up riding their motorbikes.

– Hi guys, – greeted them while waving the fingers of one hand.

The two newcomers were not really distinguishable one from each other, and showed the typical haircut of their gang, shaved on the right side and long hair dyed red on the left. Their noses were dotted with weird piercings and both their leather jackets were black. One was carrying a sawed-off shotgun and the other a pair of pistols.

– Ya though’ ya could get away, lil’ princess? – asked the one with the shotgun.

– Yeah, nobody nicks shit from the Wasteland Red Ripped Blood Warriors and gets away with it – said the other one with a smile while he aimed his pistols at her -. Drop the crossbow.

– Of course, sweety – answered Irina while she put her weapon on the floor, kneeling really slowly.

The two gangers could not help following the girl’s wide cleavage and buxom knockers with all their eyes.

– You like what you see? Well then, touching is much better than looking, I tell you that. – Irina started to lick one of her fingers really slowly sticking out her tongue, and the looks of both men turned into plain lust.

The one with the shotgun suddenly pushed the other one man away and pounced on Irina. But before he could reach her, the other ganger grabbed him from behind, turned him around and punched him in the face dropping him to the ground.

– U’re a complete asshole. Don’t ya see she’s tryin’ to seduce ya to get free or escape? Why should I always be with the most stup…

He couldn’t finish the phrase, because a knife went through his eyeball and he dropped dead instantly. The other man turned around while on the floor, only to see the bad end of the girl’s weapon barrel in front of his face.

– Oh, Big Gun, Small Gun there was right – the ganger’s brains blew away when she pulled the trigger -, you are an asshole.

While she drove through the herd of addlers, Irina teased her cat inside her bag.

– All in all the day hasn’t turned out that bad. We have a ride, a cool jacket and what we looted from those morons.

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