Rulebook 2.0, Mercenaries and more

There had been a while since we last updated our rulebook, but it has been for a fairly good reason. For the last months we and some good betatesting friends have been trying some deep changes in the rules, mostly focused on Combat. And while we were at it, we also tried to improve the layout and organization of some sections.
Many people had complained that, although Mass combat worked at rules level, it was really messy and laborious to work out; and for a fast-paced skirmish game that was a real burden. So we have been working in a new system that works as good as the old one while being a lot easier. The final result is a Combat system which does not force the player to use all the miniature’s Actions to fight with several dice, but to make opposed rolls with one die each time. In Mass combats the rest of the miniatures will add some bonus as support, better or worse depending on their Combat attribute. Besides, not being forced to spend all its Actions to fight in Close combat, a miniature can do new and interesting things such as Assault and Combat with an Action, and Move or Shoot with the next Action. For now you can download this new Rulebook in its Printer friendly version. The HD version will come later, because with these serious changes the PDF layout has changed completely and it will take some time to sort it out.

But we have also added rules for the Mercs with stats for the first two ones: Crazy Mel, whose miniature will be soon for sale, and Eightfingers, the exclusive miniature from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

And if all that was not enough, you have a new Scenario called «Maximum overdrive» in which you will have to get the remaining fuel of some abandoned vehicles.

We have also removed the background image in the black and white Gang control sheets, after many people’s requests, so they will be an even friendlier thing to print.

Oh, yes, and the Black blood children rules have also been slightly modified.

Everything on the Rules section of our website.

There you go a summary of all the changes:

Added the Rulebook 2.0, printer-friendly version only:

Deep changes in the Combat section, specially for Mass combat.
Rearrangement of some sections to make everything clearer.
Changes in the terrain types names.


In the “Splash” Scenario you will only have one try to activate the pumps.
New Scenario, «Maximum overdrive», added.

Black blood children (Beta version):

Burnts have now the option to carry no weapon whatsoever, or only one at best. Besides, the explosives they get with the «For the Black blood!» Special rule now cost 15 pts.
Ambers can now carry a pistol.
Combat penalty of the Chainsaw drops to -1.


New Mercs rules added.

Gang control sheets:

Removed the background image in the B&W version.

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