Rulebook and gangs update

We have decided that from now on, instead of updating the rules on the fly, we will make only one big update on the first day of each month (if something does change) with all the corrections made during the previous four weeks. This month has been devoted to sharpen the game a little more, so it is full of changes.


  • Changes made to the crouching and standing up movements, as well as to clarify what happens when a mini falls to the ground.
  • Defensive fire has been clarified a little.
  • Corrections and updates to this Special rules: Automatic, Berserk and BOOM!!!
  • Added the Special rules Bulky and Really dead slow.


  • Changes made to some armours (in their point cost or the default equipment) for Gangers (troop), Badasses and Chiefs.
  • Added a Disambiguation rule.


  • Added a Disambiguation rule.
  • The Bobblehead now has all the Psychic powers at its disposal during a game.
  • Now each mutation is limited to a maximum of 3 times among the Mutards (troop) present in a gang.
  • Added the mutations Organic missile, Prehensile limb, Psychic echo, Sharp tail, Sonar and Sticky.
  • Modified the mutations Able and Thorns, and Climber has been eliminated.
  • Modified the psychic powers Disarm and Enhancement.


  • The cost of a Probe has gone up to 40 points.
  • Modifications made to the Ballistic punch and the Harpoon gun.

As usual, you can get it all at the Downloads section.

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