Freak Wars’19 Punkapocalyptic tournament

During the next Freak Wars to be held in Madrid – Spain on September 14 and 15, the biggest Punkapocalyptic tournament of the year will take place. Spectacular tables, fun and prizes for all.

The tournament is on Saturday 14, from 11:30 to 18:00 (with the corresponding lunch break, of course). In it you will have to test your band of 400 points throughout the three games that will form the tournament.


The deadline for registration will be 01-09-2018. The price of registration will be € 10 + 1kg of non-perishable food * (both for animals and for people, which the event will donate), which will be used for prizes. To register you should contact

With the inscription you will receive a miniature of an forgophant corpse, two bags of grass, a special die for the movement of the martabbitsa piece of methacrylate to check the arc of vision of a miniature, a mutation conversion pack and a sure gift in a draw at the end of the tournament. El ganador del torneo y la banda mejor pintada se llevarán el trofeo exclusivo de estas Freak Wars.

*The kilo of food will be delivered as a donation to the Food Bank of Madrid or the association Peluditos en Apuros.

Sponsors and collaborators

This year we have more support than ever, which in the end will mean that you have better prizes and more spectacular game tables.

The following companies or organizations participate as sponsors of the tournament, either providing prizes or scenery for the game tables:

Akaro Dice
Collaborate with dice for the martabbits movement for each player.
Bigchild Creatives
Collaborate with miniatures for the prize draw.
Collateral Studio
Collaborate with the pieces of methacrylate to check the arc of vision for each player.
Custom Wargames
Collaborate with game tables and pieces of scenery.
Deep Cut Studio
Collaborate with a game mat for the prize draw.
Collaborate with two figure cases for the prize draw.
Collaborate with a game mat for the prize draw.
Gamers Grass
Collaborate with tufts and pre-painted bases for the prize draw.
Green Stuff World
Collaborate with packs of graffiti decals, crackle effect and pigments for the prize draw.
Hungry Troll
Collaborate with the mutards conversion pack for each player and miniatures for the prize draw.
Hydra Studio
Collaborate with some of the forgophants that each player will take.
Pablo el Marqués
Collaborate with 2 bags of grass for each player.
Plast Craft Games
Collaborate with scenery for the tables and for the prize draw.
Scratch Attack
Collaborate with the scenography and tables contest.
Club Séptimo Grado
Collaborate with game tables.
Surus Creations
Collaborate with scenery for the prize draw.
Thunder Chrome
He will collaborate with scenery pieces for the tables.
Valquiria Studio
Collaborate with scenery for the prize draw.
War Gen Wargames
Collaborate with a game mat for the prize draw.


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