New releases for July

You have now available for purchase at our online store the new releases for July, that were first presented at the Desafío Wargames. These are a Ganger Female Badass with a choice of rifle or crossbow (both weapons are included), and a Mutard with the Extra Limbs mutation and equipped… Continue reading

See you at the Desafío Wargames

Remember that this next weekend, on the 28th and 29th of June, we will be present at the Desafío Wargames in Zaragoza (Spain), where you will be able to lay your hands on our two new releases, the Ganger Female Badass and the Mutard with Extra Limb, before anyone else. Moreover, our miniatures… Continue reading

Agreement with Deep Cut Studio

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the great mat shop Deep Cut Studio to sell their 4’x4′ Wasteland mat from our own online store, as it has the perfect measurements for our game rules. This company, on their part, will also sell our miniatures.… Continue reading

Draw on Facebook

As we are closing already to the 500 likes on the Punkapocalyptic page on Facebook, here at Bad Roll Games would like to reward our followers for their support, suggestions and enthusiasm. That’s why we are running a draw. To take part in this draw you will have to:  “Like”… Continue reading

Metrópoli Comic Con ’14

We are really pleased to announce to you that we have received an invitation to take part as exhibitors at the next Comic Con Gijón 2014 show, that will take place as part of the Culture and Entertainment Media Macro-Festival «Gijón – Metrópoli», between the 4th and 6th of July. There… Continue reading

Open for business

The Punkapocalypse has arrived! You can now buy our products at our online store; you have three Gangers and two Mutards to start with. And remember that during the rest of this month and all through June, you will be able to buy our packs with all the Mutards or… Continue reading

Female Ganger Scumbag

Scumbags might have different names in each particular gang: puppies, bitches, fodder, robins… but in the end they are all the same, the newcomers that still have to earn the other’s respect. This miniature has been modelled by Julen Galparsoro and painted by the Big Child Creatives team. She is equipped with Throwing knives  and… Continue reading


Mutards can have multiple mutations, from those almost indistinguishable from a normal human being, to those clearly visible. Most of them are, nonetheless, quite disgusting. This miniature has been modelled by Leonardo Escovar and painted by the Big Child Creatives crew. It is equipped with a Mace and the Sure feet mutation. You can… Continue reading

Ganger brute

Every gang can make good use of a big, muscled guy. Maybe they are not the smartest or most skillful blokes in the universe, but they can beat you up and floor you down in no time. This miniature has been modelled by Iván Santurio and painted by the Big… Continue reading