Female Ganger Chief

The chief is the leader of a Ganger band, respected by their own crew and feared by the rest.  They are veterans of a hundred battles with an unquestioned leadership ability. This miniature has been modelled by Hugo Gómez (Vindicare) and painted by the Big Child Creatives team. She is equiped with a Rifle, Medium blade and Biohazard protection.… Continue reading

About the translation

Translating all the Punkapocalyptic stuff into English was both challenging and fun. It was obviously fun because I have been playing RPGs, wargames and boardgames for years and it’s the kind of work I have always liked doing, since I started translating Dungeons & Dragons supplements for our playing group… Continue reading

«High-resolution» rulebook version

You now have a new version of the rulebook at the Downloads section. Contrary to the previous one, which was designed to be simple and printer-friendly, this new one has a much more professional and colourful design. This way you will be able to choose which one to download, depending on your… Continue reading

About the rulebook

It is no secret at all that when we put together for the first time all the ideas that came to our minds when we were thinking about creating a game based on the Punkapocalyptic universe, everything was different from the actual product. At first we frolicked with the idea… Continue reading

Story: Irina

One addler, two addlers, three addlers… Irina got fed up with counting when she reached the tenth creature. No way was she going to waste so many. They were not that fast, but she wouldn’t be able to reload her crossbow quickly enough to finish them, and she only had… Continue reading

About the background

Our intention has always been to create a background from the point of view of the Wasteland inhabitants, that our players and general public know what those dwellers know and that they feel like them. That’s why we have only given some small strokes about locations and factions, while publishing… Continue reading

Gang control sheet

We now have in the Downloads section a new gang control sheet. It is designed so you can write down in it all the useful data you need about your crew members, so you have it at hand during your games. Get ready to rule the Wasteland! Continue reading


You have now the rulebook available at the Downloads section! Undoubtedly, since our public presentation one of the most asked question was about putting the rulebook at public disposal. Although the first complete version had been finished some time ago, with two full gangs ready to play, the rulebook layout… Continue reading

Mutard green

Here you are a new green, this time that of a Mutard ready to crawl through the Wasteland. But don’t get fooled by that slug look, this dude won’t hesitate to waste you. This miniature has been skillfully modelled by Leonardo Escovar Quintero. Continue reading

Ganger Scumbag green

At last the Ganger miniatures start to show off. We gladly introduce a dangerous female Scumbag armed with a bat and throwing knives. Miley Cyrus would be so proud! This miniature has been modelled by Julen Galparsoro. Continue reading