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From the very beginning of our Punkapocalyptic range of products we have always tried to release all material both in Spanish and English. Our intention when planning this new Kickstarter campaign was to do the same and have a physical edition of the comic in both languages. But we met with a major issue: shipping costs. For a product with such a low selling price, shipping overseas (or even within Europe) would rise to a 100% of the price of the book itself. We came to the conclusion that very few people would be willing to pay for a physical edition of the comic with higher shipping costs than the book itself, and also getting too few English orders would make the printing costs too high to be profitable.

But we want at least to give those English-speaking followers the chance to read this new Punkapocalyptic adventure, so you have a pledge level to get the digital edition (PDF version, obviously shipping-free) in English for 5 euros called «Digital boy».

As the campaign is now more Spanish-speaking oriented, we present you here a brief description.

The origins of Punkapocalyptic were a series of short stories which appeared in a local magazine called Zander Comics. The creator was Marco Paraja, one of the founding members of Bad Roll Games along with Marcos García and Israel Gutiérrez. Now the game has grown to adulthood and there are people following us from all around the planet, the background of this universe has expanded and we think it’s time to go back to our origins and release a new comic book, which, if things go well, will be the first of many.

This will be a (at least) 64-page volume, in black and white with color cover.

The story will follow the deeds of Dan, a scumbag from the Luna Negra (Black Moon) Ganger band, beginning right when he is about to take the initiation trial to be accepted as a full member of the group. Rita, the badass who has been sponsoring him, will travel alongside the boy in his mission to find some band members who have gone missing near the Oblivion mines. What seems to be a trivial matter will soon get nastier than expected and reveal a plot that could very well shake the balance of power in the area of Scrapbridge.

The comic is drawn by Alberto Cimadevilla and here you can see a couple of pages he has revealed to check its quality.

We really hope you like the project and you will join us to help it get through. If this first comic is a success, we will do our best to offer it to publishers from foreign countries so maybe someday you can finally have a physical copy in your hands.

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