Punkapocalyptic the comic Vol 2 English Campaign

As the campaign is now more Spanish-speaking oriented, we present you here a brief description.

Since the beginning of our Punkapocalyptic product range we have always tried to release all the material in both Spanish and English. However, right now the rights to the comic belong to a Spanish publisher (Cósmica Editorial) and it could only be released in English or other languages if other publishers would get the rights for different countries.

But we want to at least give those fans who don’t speak Spanish the opportunity to get their hands on the campaign miniatures, based on the characters of the comic. These miniatures will have their own special rules and you will be able to play with them as if they were a new faction.
To get them, you must purchase the Minis pledge. In this campaign we will not send outside Spain other products that are not miniatures, so you will only be able to acquire as add-ons the miniatures that have been unlocked.

The shipping costs will be approximately as follows:

  • European Union: 10 €.
  • USA: 10 €.
  • Australia: 10 €
  • Rest of the World: 14 €

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