Mass Combat and other questions

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Mass Combat and other questions

Notapor danyboy » Vie May 22, 2015 11:15 am


just downloaded rules from your site and did some playtesting, I like the simplicity and scenarios :)

Question 1:
I'm not sure how to resolve Mass Combat and Assaults. Conufses me that in Mass Combat example models with different Agility strike at the same time.
It will be best if I present an example:
Team A:
Achief: Actions 3, Agility 6
Team B:
Bbadass: Actions 2, Agility 5
Bganger: Actions 2, Agility 5

Agility turn 6:
Achief assaults 12" Bbadass
Acheif has only 1 Combat Action with +3 to Combat
How many "Versus" attacks has Bbadass? As many as Achief attacks now = 1 or as many as Bbadass has actions in profile = 2 ?

Agility turn 5 (Bbadass):
Now Bbadass strike back (is he?) He has 2 (Combat) Actions.
How many "Versus" attacks has Achief? As many as Bbadass = 2 or as many as Achief has actions in profile = 3?

Agility turn 5 (Bganger):
Bganger assaault 4" Achief
Bganger has 2 (Comabt) Actions with +1 Combat to each.
How many "Versus" attacks has Achief? As many as Bganger = 2 or as many as Achief has actions in profile = 3? Do Bbadass (who already punched) fights with his actions or not?


Do models with Agility 6 and Agility 5 fight only one Combat round or everyone stike his blows at Agility round 6 and then again at Agility round 5? And what will happen when someone assault this fight in Agility round 3?
Maybe I'm missing something - english isn't my native language...

Some other questions:
2. Is changing facing a movement action?
3. Do attacker has some benefits for charging model from behind?
4. Is facing taken in consideration during hand to hand combat?
5. Models don't have wounds? Simple Scumbag with one lucky roll can take down Chief?
6. Ready defensive fire - when model can shoot? Before/during/after action? Can shot be made before enemy shot? Can shot be made during movement action (enemy only moved 1" and will continue movement but later he will be out of LOS)?

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Re: Mass Combat and other questions

Notapor Kushtar » Vie May 22, 2015 8:11 pm

Hi there, Dany!

First of all, welcome and glad you like our rules and game system ;)

1. Let's see if I can clarify all those questions. There is no "Versus" attack, as you call them. At Agility 6, the A-Chief would assault and make, as you correctly state, a single Combat action at +3. That Combat action is an opposed roll against the Combat atribute (with any bonus you can add) of the B-Badass. Whoever of them wins that opposed roll would hit its rival. This way, the B-Badass can win the roll and hit the A-Chief, even if he was "defending" from the A-Chief's assault. After resolving this roll, the A-Chief has no more Actions left and the Initiative turn would move to Agility 5. The B-Badass does not get any extra "Versus" attack. He had his chance of hitting the Chief if he wins the opposed roll.

In Agility 5, the B-Badass strikes the Chief. He will have to use both is Actions to Combat, unless he manages to kill the A-Chief with his first attack. He will spend his first Action to Combat and make an opposed roll against the A-Chief's Combat (who now does not have the +3 bonus from the previous Assault). If no one gets downed, the B-Badass would have to use his second Action to attack again, repeating the opposed roll. The A-Chief, as happened before, will only have a chance to "hit back" if she wins the opposed roll, she does not get any extra "Versus" attacks by herself.

When the B-Ganger assaults, it will follow the same procedure as the A-Chief before, only with one more Action to spend. As there is only one enemy (A-Chief) his first and second Combat Actions will have to be against her, and she will have the opportunity to hit back if she wins any of the opposed rolls, but ONLY against the B-Ganger, who is the one who assaulted her. B-Badass will not have the opportunity to make more Attacks until it's his Agility round again.

On the next turn, you would repeat this sequence. On Agility 6 the A-Chief would have her 3 Actions to make Attacks, and now, as she has two rivals in close combat, she could split those 3 attacks as she wants (two against the B-Badass, and if she kills him, the third against the B-Ganger, for example). For each action, an opposed Combat roll is made and whoever wins hits their enemy. At Agility 5, both B's would make their Combat rolls.

If someone assaults on Agility 3, it would follow the same procedure as the B-Ganger assaulting on Agility 5.

2. You face a miniature right after he stops moving, so yes, technically you have to move it to change the facing of a miniature.
3. No, facing is only important for shooting. When someone charges at you, he makes enough noise to let you know he is there and turn to face him.
4. As before, no. Once engaged in close combat, miniatures are aware of where their enemies are.
5. All models have one wound. Yes, a lucky Scumbag can take down a Chief. That's the simplicity and lethality of the Wasteland, no immortal characters with tons of wounds around ;-) Some special rules, such as Berserk, allow some models to act for an extra Action turn after they suffer a wound, because they are too dumb or tough to die, but after that extra turn they are also downed.
6. After you declare a Defensive fire, the miniature will be ready to shoot anyone declaring an Action within his arc of vision (180º forward), afterwards in that same Agility round or following Agility rounds in the same turn. The miniature ready to shoot can interrupt the target miniature in any moment of his Action he wants, so he would be able to interrupt a shot, an assault or any other Action in the precise moment he wishes. Yes, he would be able to shoot during a movement Action, after the target moved 1" and before it gets out of LOS.

Sorry for the text wall, I hope I have clarified something for you ;)
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Re: Mass Combat and other questions

Notapor danyboy » Vie May 22, 2015 9:53 pm

Thank you very much for this detailed clarification!
Now I see what I did wrong :)


PS. Can't wait to get my minis :D
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