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Notapor Punkapocalyptic » Vie Feb 14, 2014 10:31 pm

Punkapocalyptic forums are private and therefore the right of admission is reserved. By using them , you agree to the following terms without conditions; otherwise the administrators and/or managers of the site will use the aforementioned right of admission, canceling your account or taking appropriate action without any explanation.

1 - Posting.
Before opening a new topic please search to see if it has been discused before. If so, please continue the old thread. Do not open similar issues in different subforums. If in doubt about the correct location, contact a moderator or open it where it is most suitable for its content. If necessary, the issue will be moved to the proper subforum. Make sure that your writing is clear, organized, meaningful and readable for other users.

2 - Respect and education.
Users should keep an appropriate behavior with other members, as well as any physical entity , entities and/or associations. No disrespect will be tolerated. Respect and education also refers to avatars and/or nicks. Those who incite to violence, racism, sexism or those relating to religious and/or political symbols will be immediately deleted and their users banned. All these issues are outside the scope of this forum, as are any others aimed to cause unrest in the community.

3 - Signatures and avatars.
The forum allows you to upload your own image to use as your avatar, as well as another image to be used as a signature that will appear at the bottom of every message you post. Avatars must have a maximum size of 90x90 px and a maximum weight of 60 Kb. Signatures may contain up to 255 characters, or if an image a maximum height of 75 px and a maximum width of 700 px. Any signature or avatar that it is annoying, unpleasant or distracts the attention of the readers may be removed.

4 - Conditions of use.
Administrators and moderators (Bad Roll Games hereafter) are not responsible for the content of any messages posted . We do not guarantee the accuracy or usefulness of any message, or its suitability for any task. The messages express the views of the author, not necessarily those in charge of the site. However, Bad Roll Games reserves the right to take action to prevent the misuse of the forum. Abuse is considered posting messages with content considered offensive, defamatory, insulting, distorted in any way, which incite crime, promote the illegitimate use of copyrighted assets, or any other conduct that is illegal in the jurisdictions to which is subjected . Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately (the best way being the report button). Moderators have and will exercise the ability to remove messages considered objectionable, and they have the right to do so for the above reasons or any other they see fit . They also have the right to delete user profiles or even ban them for breaching these conditions, the rules mentioned here, or the instructions given by moderators and administrators. Bad Roll Games also reserves its right to cooperate with any relevant judicial or administrative inquiry by providing any user data, if legally required. The log data can be edited by users themselves at any time. Unless requested for express persmission, Bad Roll Games and its administrators will never give them to third parties. The content of each of the messages written in these forums is copyrighted by its respective authors, that give Bad Games Roll the right of publication on this forum and any other associated forum, blog or webpage, as well as authorization to edit them for the smooth running of the forums, at the discretion of the moderators and administrators . This right is not conditioned to the continuity of the author as a user of this forums. Any other use of these contents by Bad Roll Games requires specific authorization, and any use of such content by third parties requires permission not only by its authors but also by Bad Roll Games and its administrators. Bad Roll Games reserves the right to restrict your access to any user account in order to preserve the content published by it in the past, and so preserve the coherence of the content as a whole.

5 - Valid topics.
It is forbidden to post porn content or links and/or any other illegal material. Spam is prohibited in any form. Purchases, including organized orders, sales or transactions of any kind, are prohibited.

6 - Final Comments.
In short, these forums are intended as a place where users can discuss, review, comment and talk about the game Punkapocalyptric, always within a logical mutual respect between them and their opinions. Do not use them for personal grudges, vendettas or to spend your time harassing others. There are other much more permissive channels for it like IRC, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, troll caves, etc. Remember that behind every nickname is a person who can be offended or upset by what you write. If in doubt, think if you would say what you are planning to write on a face to face conversation. If you still doubt... then you'd better don't write it. Bear in mind aswell that that the moderators and administrators are human beings, with our imperfections. We can make mistakes like everyone else. Be sympathetic with us.
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