V Reich Starter pack – 350 points list

As we did with Gangers, Mutards, Junkers and Black Blood Children, here you have a basic list ready to play a 350 points Punkapocalyptic game with the miniatures included in the Starter Pack. If you want to expand your band further, in the next months we will be releasing a bunch of additional miniatures. You can download the PDF list here.

Here we will also explain a bit the characteristics of each miniature, their equipment and role in a game. The attributes in brackets are already modified by the equipment.



The Marshal, thanks to its good Attributes, its equipment options and the ability to give its own Actions to the rest of the band through the Walkie-talkie, can be used in several ways during a game. It can be aimed to Close combat, Ranged support, a mix of both or, as in this case, to stay back and give orders. The idea is to take advantage of its 3 Action mainly to use the Walkie-talkie and give the Soldat and Ubersoldat and extra Action each Turn. He can also use its Pistol to take down any annoying enemy who comes too close (it can Move, Aim and Shoot in a single Turn without problems), or the Movement it can make with 3 Actions to capture an Objective by surprise at the end of the game.


The Medic can revive a Downed miniature, so it should be around the area with the most allied miniatures to be able to reach quickly to any place it’s needed. Besides, armed with a Small blade it can Assault any enemy with a Combat attribute low enough to make it worth it.


This Soldat can be deployed in a vantage point, enhanced by the extra Action its Marshal can give to it through the Walkie-talkie, and take down the enemy from afar Aiming every shot. The Biohazard protection allows it to be able to choose a spot even inside Contaminated terrain. If it has to change its position, the Walkie will be again a really helpful item to move up to 12″ in a single game Turn and be back in business for the next. Once it runs out of bullets, it’s time to capture some Objectives.


The Ubersoldat must make good use of the Walkie-talkie too, but in this case to come closer to the rivals. When it’s close enough it will open fire with its Shotgun and then charge into Close combat. With its high Combat and Strength attributes, along with the Shotgun used as a Light mace, it is more than capable of taking down most of the enemies it will encounter along the way; if not, its Armous and high Toughness will make it a really tough rival to defeat.


The function of the Subhuman is to hold back enemy miniatures, or even forcing your rival to spend vital resources to take it down instead of focusing on other targets. Its low Combat will make it hard to defeat most foes, but its high Armour makes it a tough enemy for those miniatures with low Penetration weapons and, even if it is defeated, it will still have another Turn to bother your rival thanks to the Berserk Special rule.

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