The V Reich Kickstarter is now live

It is time, the time of reckoning. The Kickstarter campaign to fund the new V Reich faction is running.

We would like to stress that this crowdfunding is a real crowdfunding. This means that we are not opening a pre-order period for something we already have, or selling in an easy way a product that we don’t want to offer from our own online store. We want to raise this money to pay the modelers, painters, designers, etc. so these miniatures can become a reality and you can buy all the faction at once. We have been lucky enough to have GT Studio making a couple of 3D designs in advance, so please put your money in because we have to pay them for that 😉

There are some changes from last year’s campaign, and the most obvious one is that we ask for more money because all production and modeling costs have risen their prices. But that is not going to hurt your wallets, it just means that we have raised the minimum amount to fund the campaign so we need a bit more people contributing.

The V Reich basic miniatures are a Marshal (with an alternative head exclusive to this campaign), an Ubersoldat, a female Medic, two Soldats (one of them with four arms, including a Mastiff, so you can assemble it as you like) and a Subhuman.

But the first Stretch-goal is already a free miniature, the dangerously sexy Ilse, She-wolf of the V Reich.

We hope you like them and you will help us to fund this faction and make Punkapocalyptic grow. As always in this type of campaigns, the most people putting their money in, the most stretch goals unlocked and the most interesting this will get for everyone. So that’s it, witness and spread the word.

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