The terror of Scrapbridge

As you already knew, the exclusive Black Blood Children Kickstarter campaign miniature was going to have its own special gameplay rules, so you can show it off and take advantage of it during your games. We have decided to do something simple, easy to remember and use, but at the same time capable of turning the tide during any of your games. So here you are the description and rules of the Grumpy cat.

Stalking around Scrapbridge there is this infernal being, a wretch emerged from the pits of Hell and hostile to all pacific existence. It is a grumpy, bitter and ill-faced cat lurking out of the darkest corners, giving the evil eye to anyone coming near it. It snorts, hisses and claws out as soon as it is near enough, and never puts away that face of being really pissed off and the look that says “I mean you no harm, but I wish you have a cough in a diarrhea day”. Rumours are beginning to spread about it bringing bad luck and curses to those it gazes upon. Last victim was good Lydia Santiago, who came by to give some fish bones from the Cleavage to it, and only got a hate stare in return. Well, next morning she was getting out of her crib and slipped on some fish bones that had spookily appeared at her doorstep. She fell hard on her face and had to be stitched up, while blaming that soddy old cat. Be warned!



Grumpy cat
An infamous inhabitant of Scrapbridge, a wicked and infernal cat which casts its evil eye on anyone unlucky enough to cross its path.

Rules: Once per game you can repeat one of your d10 rolls or force your rival to repeat one of theirs. For that end you will need to be in posession of the 2016 Black Blood Children Kickstarter campaign exclusive miniature.

Cost: Having the miniature on the table, in plain sight of your rival to curse them.

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