Story: The Trini Gang – Second Act

The Trini Gang

Second Act – Django

Second in command under La Trini is Django “Son of a Bitch”, and you can only imagine how this bastard behaves to have earned such a nickname in the Wasteland. He owns a breeding ground for hunting dogs, the best in all Scrapbridge (the only one, actually, as he has wiped out all the competition).

Last one standing was that of Rick “Half-sex”, who was called like that because a dog ate one of his balls. But he went out of business when the Son of a Bitch showed up one day at the Half-sex’ kennels with all his hounds and released them there. What carnage! Even the famous “Ditches” died that day! Oh, Ditches! What a fine warrior! His offspring was always victorious in all the dog fights at Nowater. It was an extraordinary animal, and there were rumors that it had some type of crossbreeding with a biter, because its teeth were sharp and thin such as those of those beasts, and its fur black and harsh. If it wasn’t so big, I would have believed so.

But let’s go to the point. The fight was memorable. Rick released Ditches, that started biting and gnawing every living being in its path whether it be friend or foe. Django was just watching the whole process, with a young cub tied to his arm. And as the place started to look like a slaughterhouse with dog guts and blood all around, the young Dingo, as that was the name of the little cub, just sat there without moving. The bastard looked like a sand statue. No barking, no growling, not a single move. It was small and robust, but it couldn’t reach Ditches’ neck even if it stood on its rear legs. Django released the leash very calmly, and the cub looked up to him as if it was waiting for an order. The Son of a Bitch just pointed with his chin towards Ditches, and Dingo started walking in that direction stepping over corpses like it was having a walk at the park. In a moment Ditches and Dingo were face to face, and the rest of the canine gladiators stopped fighting and made room. Ditches seemed to doubt for a second if it was worthy to engage with such a little puppy, or maybe it felt some kind of respect. But Dingo made an innocent movement and left its left flank unprotected, a rookie’s mistake, so Ditches leapt forward and bit the other dog’s rear leg. Fight was over before it even started! But now comes the big part. Pour me another shot of that Cienfuegos and I will go on.

A little more, don’t be mean. That’s fine. Where was I? Oh, yeah, the bite in the leg. Dingo didn’t even whine! Ditches was tearing its rear leg apart, but the fucking dog didn’t let go a single sound! It had a pain gesture in its face, but was just looking Django as if it was waiting for another signal. His master lowered his head and, like a fucking spring, Dingo pulled its leg hard, which remained bloody and completely torn off in Ditches’ mouth, turned around faster than a snake and bitted the big dog right in the neck. Poor Ditches had Dingo’s leg in his maw and could not react in time.

It was done, dude! The fucking cub remained firmly attached to Ditches’ neck without loosening its bit until the black hound fell to the ground. The rest of Half-sex’ dogs shat themselves, put their tails between their legs and went to Dingo to pay respect. The cub rose with blood coming out of its missing leg, and the rest of the dogs followed to the amazement of Rick and all present. The Son of a Bitch seared the wound with fire, patched and cleaned it, and fuck me!: he pulled out a small clean piece of sheet that wrapped a shiny metal rear left leg, that was meant for the cub.

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