Story: The Trini Gang – First Act

The Trini Gang

Fist Act – Lo Chiamavano Trinitá

They call her La Trini, and some say it is a short name for Trinity, but I think that’s a hoax because no one knows her true birth name. Some elders from the Beam Quarter know, but won’t tell, and as I am one of them elders I know, and will tell you later. They respect her big time, and not out of fear, not alone at least, but because she has done things for her hood, cool things, ya know? Speak ill of La Trini in the Beam and you are fucked up. And it is not true what they say about her hating mutards even more than the Fifth Reich. I have seen her beating the crap out of a guy for insulting mutard and her child, and helping some families of those filthy bastards by giving them food and all that. In fact, they say that she was married with one of them, a guy with some minor mutations, ya know, or maybe people just exaggerates and he was just ugly as hell and a bit untidy. But the fella left her, as well as his job as a teacher in The Skool and left for The Twins before all this Prometheus fuzz even started. So my theory is that she doesn’t hate mutards, but she hates men. In her gang there are more slits than weenies, and that is a weird thing.

This lady is older than she appears, but hey! You should see how she keeps fit. All day long kicking ass must be the perfect way to shape your butt and reaffirm your boobies, because that body is not the usual deal around here.

People around say that her birth name comes from dynamite, the TNT, trinitolong, trinitoshit, or something like that they called it in The Skool. La Trini, all right?! They say that she was just a scumbag during “The three days showdown” in which “Jackass Joe” wanted to take control of the Beam Quarter. La Trini shove a dynamite stick up his big ass while he was relaxing in a latrine, so deep that you could only see the fuse sticking out is butthole, and Jackass Joe wanted to put it out by pressing his asscheeks really hard, but the only thing he did was burying the stick even deeper. There are stories all around yet about that, and it must have been a show… to laugh your ass off. He couldn’t possibly thing in that moment that it wasn’t a real dynamite stick, but seeing him running around the hood yelling like a bitch with his pants down his ankles, made everyone stop fighting to laugh at him. That day both the showdown and his gang career were over for good.

But “Jackass Joe”, or “Deepass Joe” as he is known since that day, has always claimed that it was a real dynamite stick and that the insane Trini must had gotten it from the Oblivion Mines, but he is now a crazy old tramp and no one should pay attention to what he says anymore. Didn’t you know that he always carries around that goddamned stick? Tell me, boy, why would you keep a shit-covered stick that they shove up your ass, unless you are a sick fetishist fag?

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