Starter Set KS miniatures

All the miniatures for the future Punkapocalyptic Starter Set have already been 3D modeled and are about to enter the production stage, so this is a perfect time to show them all together to you. This way those of you who have pledged in the campaign will delight with all the nice goodies you will get and, those who not, will know about the future releases you will find in stores. All renders have been made by GT Studio, and production and painting issues will be in charge of Bigchild Creatives.

The Starter Set includes the following miniatures:

Ganger Chief with unlocked extra head

Ganger Brute

Ganger Badass


Ganger Scumbag

Mutard Bobblehead

Mutard Pit Beast



Mutard with unlocked extra head  and weapon

Old Ratcutter (Starter Set exclusive miniature)

Besides, these miniatures were unlocked for free for all those who pledged for the basic box:

Lord Homoeroticus (Ganger Personality)

Ganger Badass

Kim & Bashinger (Mutard Personality)

And this one was unlocked as an optional add-on:

Caronte (Junker personality, with unlocked extra head)

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