Shipments and questions during the coronavirus crisis

We know what you are thinking. Punkapocalyptic is cool, but you don’t want to live it in your daily life. But at least you would be smarter than most, as you know all Old Ratcutter tricks.

Here at Bad Roll Games we are all safe and sound and we hope you all are too.

You might have some doubts about shipping and things regarding all this coronavirus issue. We are trying to solve them, but this entire situation is shifty and we will let you know if there are any news.

For now, and unless we tell you otherwise, we keep accepting and sending orders. We have stocked at home several units of each reference so we don’t have to go out, observing the official quarantine. If we run out of stock in any model, we won’t be able to restock it again until things get back to normal.

Courier agencies are working as usual and they still collect parcels. One thing we can’t tell for sure is that, due to this exceptional situation, delivery times will be as regular as usual. That’s not on our hands.

We know this is specially a suitable time to dedicate to indoor hobbies, so if you need new miniatures we will do our best to supply them to you. If not, we are sure you have plenty of drawers full of unassembled and unpainted figures.

To try and ease any inconvenience, we will add for free a miniature and a pin to every incoming order. Besides, if you click in the image below you will be able to download for free all the original Punkapocalyptic short stories, drawed by Marco Paraja, in which this game was born.

We have also opened again the new Punkapocalyptic comic Pledge Manager we run on Kickstarter. If you choose an option that includes the PDF version we will send it right away, so you will have something to read on these reclusive days. The printed version is already, well… being printed and will be sent once the situation gets back to normality. You can access the Pledge Manager by clicking the image.

If you stil have any doubt, please ask.

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