Scrapbridge expanded background

Puentechatarra We have added a new quarter-by-quarter description of the most important settlement in our «default» game setting, the neutral city of Scrapbridge that stands in the middle of the Wasteland. Now the expanded background for this area is more exhaustive and will offer a better view of the city to all of you who want to represent the bands roaming around.

But don’t you dare to thing that we will stop here, because as we already said during last Desafío Wargames show at Zaragoza, Punkapocalyptic goes beyond the frontiers of the North-american northeast to expand through the whole world. We have a nice global map with all the Megas built (or not) across the planet, as well as those which are still standing. The idea is to expand the gaming options for all those of you who want to try something new far from the «archetypal» post-apocalyptic setting of sand, deserts and mutants. The expanded background will offer you much more diverse ideas, settings and choices to set your own games or even design your own factions with some cool house rules. Coming real soon!

For now, take a look at the new and improved Scrapbridge right here.

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