Sale of 3d prints

We have started to sell 3D prints of miniatures on our website. Besides adapting to the current times, this is a technique that allows us to make more extreme poses, offer better prices, and above all sell some products that would be difficult to sell otherwise. It will be the place where you will be able to get beasts of the Wasteland, objectives for some scenarios or troops of some sub-factions.

You will find all these miniatures printed in the Prints section of our online store, but also, so that there is no confusion with the rest of the miniatures, you will always find the image that accompanies this article.

And to start with, you already have available a pack with 5 Punkicorns, just the right number to serve as a target in the Hug me and boom scenario, the miniature of Dakota Grizzly, based on the winning cosplay of Punka in the Freak Wars 2020 and the miniatures of the 3 different Hunters of the megalopolis of the solitaire mode of the Campaign and extra rules book.

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