Rules for personalities and mercs from the V Reich KS campaign

During the campaign you unlocked so far 2 V Reich personalities (Ilse and Red Helmet, thanks to a social goal) and a merc (Captain Hammerica). If you were wondering what they would be like, or if you want to start testing their beta rules right now before getting their miniatures, keep reading.

Ilse, She-wolf of the V Reich

The V Reich hates all mutant creatures produced by nuclear winter, radioactive rain and exposure to radiation created after the armageddon which brought the end of the World of Before, but Ilse could very well win a prize for it. Even among the ranks of the V Reich there are few daring to cross in the path of this fanatical mutard huntress, who has rightfully earned her «She-wolf» nickname due to her ferocity and bloodlust. Rumors exist about she even has a private facility away from Festung Germania, where she conducts hideous experiments on the mutards she captures alive, or that she just tortures them for the sake of it, with a small group of followers who worship her as an ebony goddess.

A C P Ag S T Te
Ilse 2 3 4 5 3 (4) 4 3

Weapons: she has Crop (see below) and Pistol.

Armour: Thick clothes.

Special rules:

  • Crop: Ilse always carries a riding crop with her, which she uses in combat to humiliate and aggravate her rivals rather than taking them out. It has the same statistics as a Small blade, but each time she hits an enemy with the crop but doesn’t wound them, such enemy will lose 1 accumulative Combat point, as anger and shame of being whipped in public will make them lose their temper.
  • Mutard huntress: The She-wolf of the V Reich loves hunting the mutant wretchs of the of the Wasteland and she will go off-limits to eliminate them. When she is used in a game against Mutards, she will have the Berserk and Bloodlust Special rules.

Points: 45

Red Helmet

Red Helmet is a former V Reich marshal who went through a traumatic event that changed his life forever. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but it seems that at some point in his career he was taken prisoner by some unidentified hostile elements. His captivity period made him lose his mind completely, turning him into an even more paranoid, fatalist and conspiracy theorist than his faction mates. After a daredevil escape, he took command of a lesser V Reich unit and started to indoctrinate the men and women in it with terrible visions of an underwater enemy, reptilian mutants living in a city under the ocean and pose a looming threat on all humanity. The soldiers of this so-called Kraken Organization were the ones to find the Ubersoldats and are ready to forfeit their lives for their leader, as they completely believe in what he has seen and the unseen menace under the sea. They know mankind has not yet faced his true ordeal and that extinction is closer than most of us know. Apart from Mutards, Red Helmet and his troops are also willing to wipe out any human enemy who cross their path.

A C P Ag S T Te
Red Helmet 3 5 5 5 4 4 4

Weapons: he has a Pistol.

Armour: Metallic armour.

Equipment: walkie-talkie.

Special rules:

  • Chain of command: Red Helmet can act as the Marshal for a V Reich band, and he can use the Chain of Command Special rule.
  • Red Helmet: Red Helmet never takes off the piece of armour which grants him his nickname. There are rumors that it’s somehow fused into his own skull and it’s part of him, while others swear to have seen infernal flames burning in the dark eye sockets of his mask. Whatever the case, being close to this imposing zealot can make anyone shit down their pants, so any enemy miniature at 8″ or less from Red Helmet and with Line of sight to him will suffer a -1 penalty to Combat, Agility and Strength.
  • Agents of Kraken: Red Helmet can summon his own agents of Kraken instead of regular V Reich troops. Any Soldat or Ubersoldat miniature can become an Agent of Kraken for +15 points, gaining +1 bonuses to Combat and Agility.
  • Hate to Captain Hammerica: Captain Hammerica is the only living proof of the viability of the Ubersoldat serum one of the Reich scientists stole from him, and his mere existence is a provocation. If Red Helmet faces Captain Hammerica and Downs him, he will get 3 extra Victory points for his band.

Points: 95

Captain Hammerica

Captain Hammerica is a legendary figure in the Wasteland, a paladin of justice for some and a total loony for others. Sometimes he tells a story about him fighting in a great war for freedom in the World of Before, being frozen for a shitload of years due to an accident until some guys with crazy outfits took him out of the ice. Most of the people don’t pay credit to those rantings, but think that he was a crazy old dude who lost his grip after reading one too much of those thin books in the ruins of the World of Before with colorful stories of muscular men and hot chicks going around super-smacking villains, so he decided to dress like a maniac. But incredible as it might sound, a scientist from the Kraken Organization of the V Reich, fed up with all the mutant-hating stuff and the tortures inflicted upon them, ran away with the only viable sample of the Ubersoldat’s serum and gave it to a truly gentle and good soul (or the first crackpot he came upon): Captain Hammerica. This scientist was later killed by Red Helmet, with Captain Hammerica barely getting away from that fight.
But with or without the punkserum, Hammerica has proven to be a guy with a really grown pair and he won’t hesitate to face anyone if he sees any injustice or fuckery being committed on the good folk of the Wasteland.

A C P Ag S T Te
Hammerica 2 6 4 5 5 (7) 4 3

Weapons: it has Mace and Pistol.

Armour: Metallic armour and Shield.

Special rules:

  • The one and only.
  • Reinforced shield: Captain Hammerica owns a really cool shield, which looks normal but made according to him with an alloy of vibra…whateverthefuck. The fact is that it really can take blows better than a regular shield, so it grants a +3 bonus to armour instead of the usual +2. And as the Cap is so well trained in using it at close range, he doesn’t suffer the -1 penalty to Combat. He also tried to throw it at enemies, but it flies like a shitbrick and he couldn’t hit anything.
  • Hammer time: Hammerica REALLY enjoys cracking villainous skulls with his faithful hammer. If he is Downed in Combat, he will get the benefits of the Berserk Special Rule so he can get revenge on his foe.
  • Hate to Red Helmet: the leader of Kraken, Red Helmet, killed his scientist pal in front of his eyes and Hammerica didn’t like it a single bit. If Captain Hammerica faces Red Helmet and Downs him, he will get 3 extra Victory points for his band.
  • Captain Kraken: being a Merc and according to the rules, Captain Hammerica could play with a V Reich band. In that case, we would assume that he has finally revealed himself as Captain Kraken, traitor to all cool and nice things.

Points: 80

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