Rules for Magnus, Freak Wars special miniature

During the Freak Wars weekend you were able to get the miniature of Magnus. Here you are his Beta version rules to play with it as a mercenary in Punkapocalyptic games.
Bear in mind that, being able to choose between two weapons, their stats are not included in the profile.


The Wasteland is a dangerous place and no one likes shit going out alone, but Magnus doesn’t give a fuck about it. He pisses petrol and shits watermelons, so he just goes around as a towering hulk, showing off his perfect pecs and minding his own business. You don’t walk up to Magnus and hire him to do some petty job for your band, he shows up and thunders “Today I’m fighting for you, so… pay me” and you shit your own pants and give him everything you got. He then chooses his weapons, he fights, once in a while he rises an eyebrow and nods, and then leaves to “offer” his services to another band (luckily, after the battle ends). It’s just as if everything was part of a plan nobody else understands… or because he has completely lost his mind long time ago.

A C P Ag S D T
Magnus 2 5 5 3 5 5 3

Weapons: he can enter the fray with his Rifle or his Brutal axe, but not both. When making up your list you must choose which weapon he will be using (this won’t change the cost of the miniature, but bullets must be purchased separately as usual).

Special rules:

Cool rifle: Magnus can use an Automatic rifle with Scope. But he is a pro, so when he does something he does it right. Like shooting. This rifle only has the Automatic firing mode, so he can’t use it for single shots.

Brutal axe: Magnus can use a Heavy blade. Besides, this weapon can be used once in each game with the rules of a Chainsaw.

Plans inside plans: Magnus follows a plan only he knows, but sometimes this plan does not include sticking all fight long with the side paying him. After each Action turn Magnus takes, the player controlling him must roll one d10. With a result of 10 Magnus will just wander off again into the Wasteland and his miniature removed from the table. If this happens, his miniature will not count as Downed for any purpose of the game’s outcome; it’s just as if he had never been there.

Points: 85

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