Rules for Caronte

You have unlocked Caronte as a personality for the Junkers, so here you are its rules in Beta version so you can test them and give us your feedback.


Caronte is a legend among the Junkers, but few agree if that’s for good or for bad: his genius is tainted by a touch of madness that more than once has made him cross a red line. “Fireman”, “Wasteland burner”, “Pyromaniac” and “Fireball” are some of the nicknames given to him not only by his enemies, but also by his faction mates, due to his habit of throwing fire bombs without any safety regards once he enters combat. There are some people who just want to see the world burn, but Caronte takes a step further and he has even built a self-designed prototype weapon that allows him to fire and reload bombs with astonishing speed. Where does this love for flames come is a complete mistery, although some point to a not-so-friendly encounter with the Black Blood Children in a distant past; after that, Caronte swore to fight fire with fire… literally.

A C P Ag S D T
Caronte 2 2 3 3 3 4 7

Weapons: Dragon ball and 5 fire bombs.

Armor: Shell.

Equipment: tools of the trade.

Special rules:

  • One and only (Junkers personality)
  • Shell: Caronte likes to burn, but he is not such a fool that he wants to be charred himself in the process. Caronte wears a protection made with leather covered in a special substance made by himself (the composition is a secret, and some think the ingredients include embarrassing stuff such as cured mongolongo jizz). He calls this armor the «Shell» and, besides Armor 3 and the Fireproof Special rule, it also allows him to automatically win all Disengage from combat opposed rolls (it is really slimy and smells awful).
  • Dragon ball: Caronte’s genius took form the day he finished his own prototype of grenade-launcher vaporeta, which he called Dragon ball for the legends of the World of Before about a fantasy realm called «television”. It is a pumped-up vaporeta that allows him to fire beams of ultra-hot vapor and also pump fire bombs away. Caronte can spend 1 Action to increase the pressure of the grenade-launcher, gaining up to 3 markers which add +2» to the distance of the shot, -1 to Caronte’s Tech attribute and +1 to the Strength of the vapor beam (to the enemies, or to Caronte himself if the weapon malfunctions). These markers will be active until Caronte spends 1 Action to empty the weapon’s deposit.
    Besides, if Caronte is Downed and he still had some fire bombs unused, they will detonate following the usual Incendiary rules, but adding a +1 to Strength for each unused pressure marker Dragon ball had.

Points: 60

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