Rulebook and scenarios update

It might be summer, but we don’t take a rest and we keep trying to improve the playability of Punkapocalyptic.

We have edited some scenarios, changed the name to some (now all of them have movies’ names) and we have even added a new one , «The perfect storm», in which the gangs will have to weather a huge toxic storm as it gains strength.

About the rulebook now it is clearly stated that a miniature can not make an assault with the same action used to disengage from combat.
Besides, when it comes to delay an action, the rules have been slightly modified. Now the miniature delaying an action won’t act first in the Agility round it delays its actions to, but last. Having more Agility should be an advantage, so if the idea is to delay an action to see what the other miniatures do, the right thing should be to act last after all of them.

We remind you that on the Downloads section you can check all the dates when the rulebook has been changed. And if you click the link, you will see the actual changes.

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