Punkapocalyptic’s new year

Hi there, Wastelanders, and welcome to what will be the year of Punkapocalyptic.

So far we had a solid rule set based on years of beta testing, and a background which has been growing without pause. But we had to admit that it was quite hard to build a band only with our own miniatures. We are a small company and it was hard. Put a miniature on the shelves is quite an effort, but we think we have acomplished quite a good result offering you an evergrowing catalogue. The past crowdfunding campaign helped us to raise enough money to make a full Junkers Starter pack, and the agreement we reached with RN Estudio allowed us to improve our ranks even further. So we can now say it loud and clear, Punkapocalyptic is here to stay, a solid game ready to play. This year it will keep growing and take flight for good.

The current state of the game

We begin this year with fully playable rules for three factions: Gangers, Mutards and Junkers. Besides, we already have the rules for the next one, the Black Blood Children, under playtesting mode and they won’t suffer much changes before going oficial.
The rulebook is in its version 2.0 after all the tests and suggestions offered by the players during these past years. The main changes in this version have been made to Combat rules, specially when there are several miniatures involved, and we have rearranged some sections to make it more accessible. For now this new version of the rules is available only in printer-friendly form. We also have a rulebook with a much more professional layout, which includes all the band rules and scenarios in full colour, but due to the deep changes in its organization for the new edition, we had to begin its layout design from scratch and it is only available to download on its version 1.0.
This past year we also released the first rules for Mercs, characters who can play with any band. There you have Crazy Mel and Eightfingers, the crowdfunding exclusive miniature.
And we now have nine playable Scenarios, so this year we want to make it to ten (so you can randomly choose which scenario to play just by rolling a d10) and possibly add some special ones.
Our current miniature catalogue includes 9 Gangers, 8 Mutards, 9 Junkers, 1 Black Blood Children and 2 Mercs, and on our online store you can buy several additional items from our fellow companies, mainly scenery elements to make your gaming table much more attractive.

2014_12_11_0151pSo you have no excuse left no to be playing this. But, to make it even easier for you, here you go some useful tips:

  • Although you can read something like «Badass with Shotgun» on our blisters, that would only be an example of the role it can play on the tabletop, just a guide. Nothing prevents you from using it as a Chief with Shotgun, or any other band option that uses such equipment. In fact that is the important point, the equipment being clearly depicted in the miniature (specially talking about weapons; you can be a little more permissive with armours). Thus, even when we release a miniature for a specific faction, nothing prevents you from using it as a member of any other band providing that it can use the depicted equipement. Clothes in the Wasteland are a mixed lot, so even if we name some dude a Junker with Rifle, he will probably fit as well as a Ganger in your crew if you want it so. Obviously, due to their mutations Mutards are quite difficult to include in other bands, or the other way aroud. But again, if its equipment is well represented and its mutations are not visible, or if your band accepts people with minor deformities, go ahead! And don’t forget that even in oficial tournaments you can use miniatures from other manufacturers, as long as their look fits and their equipment is visible on them (for example, medieval archers or sci-fi marines won’t be allowed, even if their equipment is right).
  • To play your first game we usually recommend the scenario called «The hunt». This does not mean that you can’t try the rest of them, but this one is really funny to play (catching martabbits is always amusing), has quite simple rules and we have checked out that everyone likes it.
  • You will master the game mechanics by the second Turn of your first game. So you can begin playing a low points game, or, if you already have enough miniatures, dare to a 500 points game, which would be the optimal size. Having more miniatures does not make the game much harder, or even longer, as mortality rates will just rocket. A standard game will last about two hours, so go get them, tiger!

The future of the game

People usually ask us a lot about our future releases, the things we are doing or what we want to do next. So we are telling you something about what we know and we can speak of.

The next miniatures to see the light will be a new white metal Mutard (which is the band being left behind, and needs new reinforcements) and a Merc in resin. This last one was planned to be a Junker, but we have finally decided to give her some special rules to match the awesome sculpt. If everything goes smoothly, they should be ready for the Hispania Wargames 2016 weekend, which will be on February 27th and 28th.

Furiosa4 Mutardo14b

Apart from that, and after giving it a lot of thinking, we will launch a new crowdfunding campaign (this time on Kickstarter, most probably), to release the Black Blood Children Starter Pack. The scheduled date for that would be late March or early April. We have talked several times about the possibility of releasing a Basic Box with two bands, but we have delayed the project once more as we prefer to study further all the timing and costs involved (we would have to deal with several factors we haven’t worked with yet). We think that our recent experience with the past crowdfunding campaign has been really positive, so in this one we will try to get right what was wrong and make it even better. Our intention is, as it was with the previous one, to release some individual miniature apart from the campaign while you wait for the delivery of the crowdfunded goodies.

We have finished the tournament rules. On the first months of the year we will test them to make sure that they work properly, and we hope that shops and clubs are interested in holding them. We are also preparing some specific material for these events.

10999567_10205465575851194_626914920_oAs we said before, we will be at Hispania Wargames, where we will hold demo games, sell our products and, of course, chat with anyone who drops by. Moreover, by the end of January we will be at BilboGames (former Wargames Bilbao) in Bilbao, teaching to play the game to everyone who’s interested.  We hope we can go to some other cities during the year.

We will make a crossover with other Spanish game, «Euphoria». You will have rules to play their game with our miniatures, as well as playing ours with their figures. And to explain it all we will write a story crazy enough for us.

About the usual questions. We can’t say which will be our next band, but we are already «cooking» its rules. The campaign rules will come… eventually, but at least we plan to have all five factions running by then so you can use them at full power. And sorry ladies, but we don’t think we will see a mongolongo miniature… yet.

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