Punkapocalyptic’s annual painting challenge continues

Dear Wastelanders! Another month we are going for the annual Punkapocalyptic painting challenge.

As always, we are going to explain step by step how to do it this month for the participation to be valid.
The first thing is to publish the post with the miniature unassembled or assembled (valid also with primer, the important thing is that it has not started to paint) before December 10 with the hashtag #Yopintopunka10 in any of the 3 social networks we have been using so far: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
Once this post is uploaded, the next one should be of the finished miniature work (base included) with the same hashtag #Yopintopunka10.
We ask that you only upload with this hashtag the two photos, not of the process nor of more miniatures and works that do not fall within the challenge, our lizarcocks are not very smart and can get lost with so many publications and hashtag.
This month, as the previous ones, you will have one bullet for the monthly miniature of your choice, being always an official miniature of the game, either purchased or a print from our STLs catalog.

So, to the brushes, Wastelanders!

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