Powermongers and Cool Clubs

We like how the Punkapocalyptic community is griwing, so here we come with some interesting news. Scrolling down the “Contact” menu you will see two new pages: Powermongers and Clubs.

Powermongers are those people who dig Punka so much that they want others to be witnesses of its glory. You can get in contact with them to learn to play, talk about Punkapocalyptic or just paint some miniatures together. They can also solve your doubts or set up tournaments. If you are already a punkafan, you can level up to Powermonger.

Cool Clubs are those in which Punka is played, so if you want to play and have fun you can contact them and arrange a game. And to thank them all the love they show to our game, these Clubs will have some juicy discounts in their joint orders from us.

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