Playing Punka: Jumping and Climbing

Moving on the ground is easy, but a real punk of the Wasteland needs to show off jumping and climbing ninja-style (and eating the dust once in a while the rough way).


It is possible to make horizontal jumps over gaps or other holes, if you have enough Movement to do so.


For distances up to 2″ all jumps will be made automatically, with no die roll whatsoever. The Mutard in the previous picture can cross from one roof to the next as easily as if he was walking on the ground, as the gap is not greater than 2″.


For greater distances there is a chance of Falling. For distances greater than 2″ and up to 3″ the miniature must make an unmodified Agility check. For the next 1″ the Agility roll will suffer a -1 penalty modifier. As in this picture the distance to Jump is 3″, the Mutard must make an unmodified Agility roll. That means that, having an Agility attribute of 3, he must get 3 or less in a d10 to avoid falling from that height.


It’s not possible to jump greater distances than 4″, except if the miniature has some Special rule allowing it. Let’s say the Mutard in the picture has the Runner mutation and thus can Move 6″ in a single Action. Although he is capable of moving more than 4″ with one of his Actions, he wouldn’t be able to do this jump as the general rule states that you can’t jump distances greater than 4″.


The typical Punkapocalyptic scenery are ruins, rocky formations and places full of ledges and potential climbing spots, so unless both players agree on the contrary, any scenery element can be climbed. A miniature trying to ascend or descend along a vertical surface will apply the rules for Really fucked up terrain, but if it fails an Agility check it will Fall. The distance fallen will be measured from the initial point of the Movement Action used to climb and the ground.


This Mutard is on top of a rocky formation and wants to climb down the 8″ it has to the ground. As it is considered Really fucked up terrain, he can choose to climb down carefully without making any Agility check, but moving half his Movement with each action. That means he would need two full Action Turns to reach the ground. He can also try to move his full Movement with one of his Actions, but that would mean risking to fall down if he fails the Agility check.


The Mutard is now at ground level and wants to climb like a champ. He spends his first full Action Turn to Climb in a safe way, moving 4″ upwards. He is now halfway its ascension. He starts his second Action Turn without taking any risk again and safely reaches 6″ of height. He is now just 2″ away of the top of the rock. With his second Action he feels lucky and wants to move his full 4″ to take positions atop of the rock. But he fails his Agility check (which wasn’t easy, with his Agility 3) and will fall from 6″, which was the initial point of the Movement Action he failed.


The Mutard falls hard to the floor and must make an opposed roll with his Toughness (which is 3) against a Strength that varies depending on the distance fallen. The table in the Rulebook states that falling from 6″ means a Strength 4 hit. That means he must roll a d10 adding his Toughness 3, and beat a roll (usually made by the player’s rival) of a d10 plus 4 from the fall’s Strength. If he wins the roll the Mutard will be considered Lying on the floor and will have to spend an Action to Get up. If he loses the roll, the Fall would have been too much for the Mutard and he will be Downed. Whatever the result, though, everybody will be laughing at him.

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