Opened the Late Pledge of the Amok campaign.

The Pledge Manager of the Amok campaign is now open, both for those who participated in the KS and for those who could not.

The Pledge Manager has the same layout as an online shop, very similar to our regular e-store, with all the products you can purchase not only from this very campaign but also additional stuff you can add to the order such as metacrylate markers, Gamers Grass things, etc.

You will also have available the three miniatures from the Amok faction that were not unlocked during the regular campaign but we had already modeled.

As well as the subhuman of the V Reich that was unlocked.

To be able to choose your products you will have to register yourselves at the Pledge Manager, clicking this address You will have to register again even if you were part of old KS campaigns or you have an account in our regular online store.

Bear in mind that all shipments will be made at the same time, when we have our new Amok miniatures cast and ready, which were the aim of this whole thing. As such, even if you only buy miniatures from our existing catalog at KS price they won’t be sent until we start making the shipping process for all the backers. If you want something now, you will have to buy it in the normal store, although at the usual prices, of course.

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