Mutards Starter Pack – 350 points list

As we did with the Gangers, we present here a list to play a 350 points Punkapocalyptic game with the miniatures included in the Mutards Starter Pack, with the only addition of the Pit beast (already for sale). Although it would be possible to make a 350 points list with the five Mutards included in the starter set, being as they are much cheaper in points they should be boosted up with a lot of mutations, making the list less balanced. We will now explain the characteristics of each miniature, as well as its mutations and the role it can play in the gang. The attributes in brackets are already modified by the equipment or mutations carried by the miniature.


CabezonPackControlBobbleheadThe Bobblehead is almost the only miniature whose function is not heading into close combat, but boosting the rest of the band. It must expose itself to the enemy as little as possible, because it is really weak. It will mainly use its Master of puppets and Enhancement powers, as they have the plus of not needing line of sight. The first one will grant an immediate extra Action to a nearby miniature, which can be used for a lot of things such as moving to assault distance, controlling an objective, move to cover, etc. The second one will boost the attributes of the Bobblehead’s allies, being Combat the most usual choice. Apart from being really useful for a miniature which is about to make an assault against an enemy, for example, as this bonus remains in play until used for the first time, if you have an Action left with your Bobblehead it is always a good idea to boost an ally just in case it might need it later.
You always have to bear in mind that using Actions to generate these powers means that you might run out of Actions and not being able to move, thus falling behind with the rest of the band and out of the radius to keep using such powers. You have to carefully plan the use of the Bobblehead’s Actions.
The Mindshock and Disarm powers, due to their short range and need of line of sight to the target, are dangerous to use without taking the risk of going out in the open. They are usually helpful when an enemy miniature gets too close to your leader and there is nobody else to help.
Psychic barrier grants the Bobblehead a great Armour value but keeping it active will force you to spend an Action each turn, leaving you with less options to do other things, so you will have to decide wisely when to use it.


BestiaPackControlBeastThe Pit beast is the Mutard’s shock troop par excellence. Its only tactic is trying to get as fast as possible to the enemy, as it is capable of mopping out anything in its path. As it has a bigger than standard size it is more difficult to hide from enemy fire and will attract a lot of shooting, but its Toughness 6 means that even a successful rifle shot (Strength 6) must get a good die roll in the opposed roll to wound. Furthermore, its Berserk special rule gives it an extra Action turn even after being downed, in which the Pit beast can easily waste a nearby enemy before being taken off the table. This particular one is armed with a Heavy blade, a weapon that even though it imposes a -1 penalty to Agility for being Cumbersome also grants a Strength boost capable of destroying anyone. Combined with the Extra limbs mutation, this miniature gets a fairly decent Combat 6 attribute.


babosopackControlMutardSnailThis Mutard has several mutations focused on moving swiftly and without restrictions. With Runner it can move up to 6″ with each movement Action, instead of the usual 4″, and with Sure feet it will cross Difficult terrain as Regular terrain, and Rough terrain as Difficult terrain. Furthermore, thanks to its Sharp senses it gets a nice Agility boost and will get to act sooner in each game Turn. All this makes it the perfect Mutard to move quickly for the farthest objectives, or even flank the enemy and sneak into their deployment zone. On the downside it is not that good at close combat, so you will have to make good use of its mobility to avoid enemies and find cover whenever you can.


TresBrazosPackControlMutardThreearmsThis is a Mutard specially bio-engineered for combat. The Extra limbs mutation, as well as the Medium blade it is equipped with, give it a quite impressive Combat 6 attribute. Besides, if it gets to assault an enemy, its Brutal charge mutation will not only improve its Combat attribute, but also its Strength (already boosted by the Medium blade) and Penetration. The Tough skin (3) mutation gives it some measure of armour if it gets hit.

SaltarinPackControlMutardJumperlAnother Mutard designed to be a fast-mover. Similarly to the Snail this one also has the Runner mutation, but combined with Frog this Mutard can make huge jumps of up to 12″ which allow it to reach almost anywhere. Apart from being able to control distant objectives, it is also perfect to harass the enemy with its Organic missile at a distance, or helping an ally in a close combat or assaulting weaker enemies thanks to its Small blade. This is the most versatile miniature in the whole list. But it doesn’t have a great defensive capacity, so it’s better not to expose it too much if it is not really necessary.


TresTetasPackControlMutardThreeboobiesAnother Mutard fit for combat. It has a mighty weapon such as the Medium blade, which bonifies its Combat and Strength, but also a Sharp tail that grants it an extra attack with a -1 penalty (leaving it at 2, because the Medium blade wouldn’t be appliable to this attack). And as if it was not enough, its Prehensile limb imposes a -1 Combat penalty on any one enemy engaged in close combat with it. Its Tough skin (1) does not offer much protection, but it is always better than nothing and quite cheap in point cost.


This is only an example of the list you can make on your own. Mutards are extremely versatile thanks to its multiple mutations, allowing you to adjust your style of play to many different plans and tactics. You can always add Mongrelmorphs or Addlers (you have plenty of companies on the market that sell cheap and nice zombies). We will of course soon release more Mutards miniatures, with which you will be able to further personalize your band or play higher-points games.

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