Meet the Mutards

Due to out current Indiegogo campaign and that many people hear about our game for the first time, maybe it’s a good idea to recall the factions sported in Punkapocalyptic.

We will now take a look at the unpleasant-to-watch Mutards.


MutardosNo one knows exactly when did the first mutants started to appear, but there were rumors about people with strange powers even before the population was expelled from the Megalopoli and threw out to the Wasteland. Their origins can vary a lot; maybe all the chemical agents and radiation levels accumulated in the marginal areas back in the days took a heavy toll on their inhabitants, or they might be the flawed outcomes of sinister genetic investigation experiments, or just plain and simple natural selection. The fact is that their ranks have increased notably since people have been forced to live in the Wasteland.
Mutants are not very popular in the area of Scrapbridge and most people have reactions that vary from grudging acceptance to hunting posses in some towns. The fact is that everyone calls them Mutards now, a derogative name that might come from the union of “mutant” and “bastard”.
As a rule of thumb Mutards are not very well equipped, as usually nobody trades with them, but they possess a wide array of mutations that can counter that drawback.


Some individuals with small mutations try to hide their condition to the others, while those far beyond human appearance are shunned even in the most open-minded places. Most mutards have established themselves in their own settlements or gangs, whether to live in peace or to start a “pure” colony populated exclusively with what they see as the next evolutionary stage. The better known of these places is The Twins, and old nuclear power plant.
They are usually led by the beings known as Bobbleheads, individuals whose intellect has been boosted beyond human limits. Their superior brains allow them to achieve wonders such as telekinesis, telepathy, mental control… in exchange of weak and crippled bodies. Brute force is the realm of the Pit Beasts, huge mutated and vicious creatures that live to fight. In the lower level of the pyramid there are the Addlers (something similar to the zombies of the old world movies) which for some reason don’t attack the mutards. And of course they have their pets, similar in shape to a common dog (well, with four legs and a mouth full of teeth, at least) known as Mongrelmorphs.



Among mutards those usually in charge are called Bobbleheads, individuals whose intellect has been boosted beyond human limits. Their superior brains allow them to achieve wonders such as telekinesis, telepathy, mental control… but in exchange for weak and crippled bodies. Some of them have lumps and over-developed brain mass, while others look like parasites attached to a human body. Truth is none of them is pretty.

CabezonPack Pit Beast

Some mutards are quite big and strong creatures, a huge mass of muscles that sometimes reaches 9’ high. But for some reason their brains not only haven’t increased their size accordingly, but they have grown even smaller. In the typical fighting pits found in many settlements, these Mutards are the usual evil beast held by the local overlord to win every combat, where they are treated little better than slaves. In a Mutard band, among other people who share their “differences”, you could think this situation would be different, but let’s get it straight: these fellows are quite dumb and they are only appreciated for the mighty blows they can deliver, so they are usually used as first line fodder with little concern about their safety.


This is the typical Mutard, someone with a general human appearance but with something else. He might have tentacles instead of arms, two heads, fin-feet or the like.

SaltarinPack babosopack TresTetasPack TresBrazosPackMongrelmorph

Under this wide meaning we can find all those mutant creatures that still keep some resemblance to a dog. They are the usual pets of the Mutards and some of them are trained to fight.


Contamination, chemical products or radioactivity have taken a heavy toll on some people, to such an extent that they have been turned into little more than empty mindless husks, the closest thing you will find in the Wasteland to a zombie. They are slow and clumsy, but in return they are also tireless and can be really dangerous in large numbers. They attack any living thing they can “sense” nearby… except, for some unknown reason, the Mutards (maybe because they just see them as their own). Although they are usually seen more like things than even beasts, in combat they can be a great asset. They are usually tossed in great numbers against the enemy, to hinder and distract them for a while.

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