Meet the Gangers

Due to out current Indiegogo campaign and that many people hear about our game for the first time, maybe it’s a good idea to recall the factions sported in Punkapocalyptic.

So let’s get started with the iconic Gangers.


PandillerosLife in the Wasteland is hard and, if you don’t want or simply can’t stay in a settlement, it is vital to team up. Gangers are probably the most common faction you can find in this part of the Wasteland, from groups of raiders to vigilantes. These gangs make a living attacking settlements or travelers to get bullets and gas, acting as mercenaries to carry out the wishes of some local chief, patrolling the surroundings of a colony, or just roaming the Wasteland as free spirits with the strength of the group to improve their chances of survival. They are the best combatants and they have more firepower than any other faction.


Most of the gangs organize their ranks according to the fighting capabilities and seniority of their members. Those unable to fight will end up dead sooner than later, so even rookies are better than the average Wasteland inhabitant. Veterans have a prominent status in the gang and are respected by everyone. Leaders must win the title by their own merits; there is no room here for devious politics or blood bonds. Although there are always differences between the gangs and some of them value some measure of leadership capabilities, others stick to sheer force when it comes to choosing a chieftain. There will be always a way to challenge a leader to replace him, so you can bet your life (and maybe you will) on every one of them being very capable of proving they are worthy of the position.
There are some gangs that follow a distinct and well defined style, such as using the same clothes, show some tribal tattoos off or shave half their heads. Others are totally mixed and don’t have any distinctive feature.
These gangs are usually nomad and try to get whatever they need on the road, but some of them have some kind fo refuge or base camp to rest, shelter or train their greens.


They might have different names in each particular gang: puppies, bitches, fodder, robins… but in the end they are all the same, the newcomers that still have to earn the other’s respect. They are usually young, but here and there you can find the occasional grown-up adult that has decided to leave his settlement to join a gang, and their age won’t spare their asses to be considered as cannon fodder. In the Wasteland you have to fight for what’s yours, and the fact that they are at the bottom of the food chain doesn’t mean they won’t put up a good fight. They do have worse equipment than the rest, that’s true, but to be a full time ganger you have to knuckle down to it.


In some gangs you have to overcome some kind of test, in others you only have to survive for a year, there are those where the issue is put to vote… but in the end, if a scumbag does not screw it up, the time arrives to promote him to be a full time ganger.


These are the gang’s tough guys, the seasoned warriors, those who earn all the looks of respect from the others. They are veterans of a thousand fights, in such a dangerous place as the Wasteland.


Every gang can make good use of a big, muscled guy. Maybe they are not the smartest or most skillful blokes in the universe, but they can beat you up and floor you down in no time.


To get to the top of the food chain in a gang you have to be tough and smart. The chief is the leader of the gang, respected by their men and feared by the rest. This is a person seasoned in the battlefield and with unquestioned leadership abilities.


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