Masters of the Wasteland Late Pledge open

All of you who participated in the Masters of the Wasteland KS will have already received an update from Kickstarter to be able to do the Pledge Manager. But this time we are also allowing those of you who were unable to join the campaign to enjoy all the benefits of the campaign through the Late Pledge.

To do so, you must enter the Pledge Manager: and when you register, under Customer Group select Late Pledge (as this way you won’t need to approve that account after crossing data with the KS backers). In the picture you can see where to select it:

In the Pledge Manager you can access all the KS Pledges with all the free tretch goals included and the catalogue miniatures at KS prices. It works just like a normal online shop, so you shouldn’t have any problems. For more information about all the pledges and options, you can go to the KS: Masters of the Wasteland page.

This has been our most successful Kickstarter ever, and with the basic Masters of the Wasteland pledge alone you will get the six miniatures we were trying to fund with all their extra pieces, the four free miniatures unlocked with all their extra pieces, the Kickstarter exclusive Punk Cat, a Kickstarter exclusive alternate body, a Kickstarter exclusive dildo weapon, two Kickstarter exclusive coasters, a Kickstarter exclusive Punkapocalyptic fridge magnet and the three Kickstarter exclusive Wasteland leader heads.

Here you have already images of some of the miniatures modelled for this campaign.

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