Last 48 hours for the V Reich Pledge Manager

Calling all passengers: we are entering the last 48 hours before closing this campaign’s Pledge Manager, which has been open since January 29th. We have had almost no new registrations this last week, but there are still almost 80 people left to complete their orders. You have to enter the PM, register and complete your orders, or we won’t know what you want or where to send it to.

If we want to meet our deadline of delivering the goodies for April/May (if no unforeseen issues arise), we must close it at midnight February 28th as we said from the beginning, because we need a window of time to order our friend companies to start producing the special items and give BigChild a number for them to start the miniatures’ mass production.

After the Pledge Manager closes, anyone contacting us with a late submission to complete will only be able to access the campaign miniatures (not the accessories or exclusive add-ons, such as merchandising, as those must be manufactured upon request in the specified numbers).

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