Junkers Starter Pack Crowdfunding

Well, we have got some news to tell you, but we think that we should give some explanation too alongside them.

The news is that by the end of this month, or maybe the beginning of the next, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign (on Indiegogo most likely) to fund the release of the new Junker Starter Pack, with five completely unseen miniatures (the Junker sharpshooter already for sale will NOT be included in the Starter Pack). Besides, you will have the chance to get an exclusive miniature of a famous Wasteland celebrity. And if we manage to exceed the money we will be asking for you will unlock quite a few surprises, most of them free for the majority of the pledging levels, including even more new miniatures. In the next few days we will provide you more info about it and begin to show you some stuff.

Those of you who have been following us from the start know that we always wanted to make use of a more traditional way of funding, as we have publicly said so many times and everything we have put on the market so far has been paid that way. We thought that this way the game would be more likely played at hobby stores, as money would always flow through them. But we have came to the conclusion that the releases rate we can accomplish is quite slow for what a game like this requires, and that people want to have already the possibility of choosing among several factions for their bands. And that is so true, even several shop owners and retailers have recommended us to start a crowdfunding campaign.

So we are taking this step in the hopes of it to be of your liking and trying to offer you a bigger and better miniature catalog.

The good thing about having been more than a year now on the market with a traditional funding is that you can now see a lot of finished work. You can first-hand judge the quality of our miniatures and their fidelity to the previous sketches. You have seen the superb work of our modellers and how the Bigchild Ceratives team can offer us a brutal standard both in mass production and painting jobs. Besides, we already have a solid-grounded game, with a well tested set of rules and a an evergrowing gaming community. And of course we now know how this business runs, so meeting deadlines and keeping our promises is now a whole lot easier for us than it would have been at the very beginning.

On one side, we can wholeheartedly promise that this crowdfunding will be a true crowdfunding. This is not a pre-sale for miniatures we already have in production, or anything like that. All the money will be used to pay for modelling, production, painting… And if we get more money pass the minimum, it will be invested in unlockable goodies. If at the end we still have any remaining cash available, it would be spent to keep Punkapocalyptic growing and moving forward with new products.

Also, as you can never be sure that you won’t have any setback during the process, we have not only secured several modellers for this campaign, but we also have some more “in reserve” in case any of them fails us.

On the other side, we don’t want to repeat one of the greatest mistakes usually made by other games during these campaigns, which is leaving them in a standstill period while the campaign successfully funds and everything is ready to send to the backers. We will develop a parallel work to keep the release rate working as it did up to now, and keep publishing short stories, articles, rules, and so on. Even if the crowdfunding campaign is a success, we will go on with our regular stuff as usual.

Well then, as we have said before, in the next days we will be giving you a greater insight into this project. And if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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  1. ¡Hola!

    No complaints here. I think you are going about this in a responsible way. To be successful the game has to grow and I do think you have a great game that needs a wider fan base and they want more variety.

    I only recently discovered the game at Hispania ’15, but I’m going to buy into it.

    ¡Me gusta!

  2. Just pledged for all the gangs. Looks awesome, and the rules seem good fun. Can’t wait to try it out. Hope it is successful

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