Junkers Starter Pack – 350 points list

As we did with Gangers and Mutards, here we present you with a basic list to play a 350 points Punkapocalyptic game with the miniatures included in the Junkers starter pack, adding this time the Gear with Scoped rifle and the Piston with Harpoon gun, available individually. Although it would be possible to make a 350 points list only with the miniatures included in the starter pack, being their ranks cheaper in points they would have to be overloaded with equipment and bullets, and at the end the list would be quite unbalanced. If you want to further develop your band, you have now available another two individual Junkers from the Punkapocalyptic Light range.

Besides we will talk a bit about the characteristics of each miniature, its equipment and the role it can fulfill in a game. Those Attributes between brackets are already modified by the equipment or mutations of the miniature. The bullets shadowed grey are regular ammo, while those shadowed red are custom Junker ammo.



ControlProbeThe Probe is quite possibly one of the most singular miniaturas of the game. It’s not specially good at close combat or even shooting, nor it gets any particularly outstanding equipment. But its Infiltration Special rule, on the other hand, allows it to pop up wherever it might be more useful, whether it be capturing an objective or trying to take out a hidden enemy the rest of the band can’t deal with. Besides, its Offroad and Creeper Special rules mean that its movement capacity will be hindered by only a few things. To make it even more versatile while navigating the table, this Probe is also equipped with Biohazard protection.
Its most wise use would probably be to wait until the 4th Turn and make it appear out of thin air in the most sensitive spot.


BombinPackThis Piston is equipped specifically to charge into hand to hand combat. With its Heavy blade it will be able to hack apart almost anything it hits, but it also carries a pistol to smoke any dangerous rival it might cross upon in its way to the enemy lines.  It carries a regular bullet and a custom one. As it can choose which one to use, it is usually better to fire the regular ones first (which don’t take the risk of jamming the weapon) and leave the custom ammo for the final shot.



This one is a Piston designed for shooting, but in quite a conservative way. The best course of action with this one is to remain in its deployment zone (it is a really good miniature to secure nearby objectives) and save its shots for the most dangerous rival miniatures that could get closer. The Penetration of the Harpoon gun will make all their efforts to seek cover pointless, and even in close combat, with its Bulky Special rule, it will prove to be a decent weapon to use.



This Gear is specially designed for short-medium distances. There, it will be able to make some serious damage with its blunderbuss, but its Medium blade will also strike some respect among its enemies who want to engage in hand to hand combat with it.



The Pumper gun is a highly customizable weapon, as we can adjust its Range, Strength and Penetration, so it can serve several purposes according to the needs of the moment. Thanks to its weapon, this Gear is perfect to adapt to almost any situation and fill the role its band needs it to.



Equipped with a Rifle with scope, this Gear has its role really clear: stay back providing some solid covering fire. It would be ideal to spend an Aim Action before each shot, to reach a really admirable Precision 7 Attribute at long range. If possible, it really could use some thick cover during the game.



This Dynamo carries one of the funniest contraptions that Junkers can use. The Electric suit with Crack’n’snap rod is the perfect weapon to attack the rival miniature with the highest Armour value, as it will ignore it completely. Besides, when the Dynamo is hit in close combat can deliver a withering shock to its enemy. Apart from all that it also carries a couple of bombs, which in this example list are incendiary. It can use them to cut off enemy advance lines, or even block entirely their access to an objective.

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